World Human Rights Day: AIP to carry out peaceful march on Sunday

SRINAGAR: Reiterating that world community has “miserably failed” to deliver justice to deprived people especially Muslims all over the world, AIP president and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Friday said his party will carry out a peaceful protest march in Srinagsr on the eve of International Human Rights Day to remember the world community of its duties.
According to a statement, Rasheed while addressing party workers here said the Donald Trump-led US administration’s decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has hurt every Muslim and American people must rise to the occasion and stop Trump from facilitating “hatred and confusion” between various communities. “It has become a fashion to blame Muslims all over the world for being radical and anti-peace but the world powers need to understand that Muslims are being denied their rights all over the world, their elected governments being toppled and their resources being looted everywhere,” he said.
Awami Itihad Party president said on one hand, the world powers are involved in a “shameless game” in the entire Arab region by “encouraging and facilitating” civil wars but on the other side, now Americans have taken the move of accepting Jerusalem as Israeli capital which has shaken not only Muslims but all the peace loving people of world.
Rasheed said while world is yet again taking a pledge to protect human rights, Kashmiris are being subjected to “worst kind of state terrorism” and no voice is allowed to reach not only to the world community but to the people of India itself. He said the institutions have failed to give justice to Kashmiris and a collective punishment is being given to them for seeking the right to self-determination.
“AIP will carry a peaceful march in Srinagar on 10 December to draw attention towards the plight of Kashmiri prisoners and continuous denial of New Delhi to allow Kashmiris to express their peaceful political will,” Rasheed said and appealed people to participate in the march so that world community is remembered of its duties towards people of Kashmir, Palestine and elsewhere.