‘Time for Muslims to put up joint front’

‘Time for Muslims to put up joint front’

Declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital disregard to international law: DeM

SRINAGAR: Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) on Friday said the US’s declaration of recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is an utter disregard to the international laws.
In a statement, DeM general secretary said the US president Donald Trump “like a dictator” and “fascist” declared shifting of US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem without consulting world bodies especially the United Nations Organisation. “It is a known fact that US is a puppet of Zionist Israel whose policies are not only implemented in Israel but are followed in the US and from the recent past in India as well,” she said.
Nasreen said Kashmiri and Palestinian struggles are quite similar in nature as “both are fighting occupational forces since 1947 and are victims of similar kind of brutal forces”.
She said the whole Muslim world must get united at this crucial juncture and should unanimously and vehemently oppose this move by US so that other countries do not take any such steps. “All the Muslim countries under the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) should understand that apart from US and may be India (covertly for now), most of the world powers including Britain, Russia and China are in opposition of this move, so it would be better for the Muslim world to stand united against this anti-Muslim declaration,” she said.
Nasreen said Turkey, which has attained a leadership role in the Muslim world, has called for a joint meeting on December. “Turkey will host an extraordinary meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on December 13 to discuss the US’s planned recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. In this meeting the 57-member OIC should adopt a line that this decision to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is denounced and rejected internationally,” she said.
The DeM general secretary said any silence by the Muslim world over the issue at this juncture will be an utter disregard to millions of sacrifices of the Palestinian people. “It is the duty of Muslim Ummah to help the oppressed Palestinian people but so far nothing has been done and the poor Palestinians continue to face oppression and Israel barbarism,” she said.
Nasreen said the Muslim world must stop being complacent about the issue. “Muslim countries especially Saudi Arabia should shun this complacency and take a strong decision that Muslims won’t tolerate any such acts. The US has to be isolated over this decision. It will be also interesting to see what comes out of the emergency meeting called by the UN Security Council which has said that such unilateral decisions can’t be taken in such matters,” she said.
“Muslims should understand that these are testing times as the Zionists and Pagans (sic) have joined hands against the Ummah. We must unite to fail these sinister designs of these evil forces and if we don’t unite now, these anti-Muslims forces will pounce upon us in the same manner as our beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW) has prophesised – like starving people pounce on food.”
She said Muslims must hold special prayers and seek help from the Allah (SWT). “We must stand united and teach them such a lesson that they don’t dare to harm our interests,” she said.
“Recently an Indo-Israeli team visited Kashmir and had meetings with several people. We must understand that Israel is against Muslims and has occupied the pious Masjid Al-Aqsa and the land of Palestine. So those people who met with that delegation must know that they are playing their part in strengthening the Israeli control in the occupied Palestine, which is against Muslims and Islam,” the DeM general secretary said.


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