O Jerusalem!!

O Jerusalem!!
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The status of the divided city of Jerusalem, where the Al Aqsa Mosque stands, which by virtue of this is central to spiritual, emotional, and religious cosmos of Muslims has been given the status of Israel’s capital by Donald Trump’s United States. This “deal” which may or may not have the support of certain Muslim countries, is an, in your face affront, to not only the beleaguered Palestinians, but the entire Muslim world. As a quid pro quo, the Trump administration has dangled the prospect of legitimizing the two state solution. But, given the nature of the odious and disgusting step, making Jerusalem the capital of Israel, is, in reality, neither a deal, nor in the nature of a tradable, negotiable solution. The United States, which is a committed ally of Israel, and upon which Israel actually extends its illegal occupation and misrule of the Occupied Territories, has not plumbed a new low. This is the same United States which decimated Iraq, Libya and other Muslim countries, in the name of democracy and sometimes so called “security” and now has Iran in its cross hairs. The animus that the United States bears against Muslim world is rather inexplicable. But, yet, there are many states in the Islamic world that pay fealty to the country and bend their backs doubly backward to ally with it. The Palestinian dispute which initially emerged asa an Arab/ Muslim- Israeli dispute after Israel illegally and immorally usurped and occupied historic Palestine, gradually morphed into a Palestinian- Israeli dispute after, gradually but inexorably, support for the Palestinian cause was made to wilt and wither in most parts of the Arab Muslim world. Palestinians were deprived of support but these doughty people still and continue to resist Israeli occupation. Having said this, the deal maker Trump’s decision to make Jerusalem as the capital city of Israel could count as Palestinians’ loneliest hour or time given that the major vestige of resistance, symbolism and politico-religious significance is sought to be undermined by the United States. In this hour of need and vulnerability, the Muslim world must resolve to and actually stand in solidarity with Palestinians. The nature of this solidarity must be substantive , enduring and abiding. Moreover, now that it is clear where the United States stands, Israeli annexation of Jerusalem with help from America, must serve as a catalytic spur to Muslim unity across the world!

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