MMU resolution

srinagar: This gathering expresses deep anger and anguish against the US President Donald Trump’s decision of giving occupied Jerusalem recognition of Israel’s capital and terms this decision as totally unacceptable.
This gathering lays stress on the OIC and the UN to take strong note of Trump’s unilateral decision so that the anger and anguish found in the hearts of every Muslim across the globe is addressed.
This gathering clarifies that after declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, every citizen of Jammu and Kashmir feels deeply hurt and is of the belief that the decision is totally unacceptable and should be rolled back forthwith.
This gathering expresses solidarity with the thousands of Palestinians who are feeling distressed as this juncture and the people of Jammu and Kashmir vows to protect the sanctity of Baitul-Muqadas (masjid Al-Aqsa) as we believe it as obligatory for every Muslim as far as our faith is concerned.
This gathering wants to make it clear that the unilateral decision of declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is the outcome of the bonhomie between Israel and US and the direct violation of UN charter on which Muslims across the world can’t remain silent and will resist the move tooth and nail.