Jerusalem is the red-line for Muslims, Kashmiris reiterate

Jerusalem is the red-line for Muslims, Kashmiris reiterate

‘Need for unity in Ummah’

SRINAGAR: Kashmiri Muslim leaders and clerics on Friday reiterated that Jerusalem was a red line for Muslims, and said the issue can only be solved by governments which are led by Muslims.
“Jerusalem is red-line for Muslims,” said Ameer-e-Jama’at-e-Islami (JeI), J&K, Ghulam Muhammad Bhat. “The Muslim nations countries need to forge unity and I see only Turkey taking lead in this regard currently,” Bhat said.
The United States on Wednesday, in a major shift in its policy, declared Jerusalem as capital of Israel which caused fury among Muslims across world and on Friday, the clerics in Kashmir, focused on Jerusalem in their sermons.
Jerusalem house third holiest site of Muslims, Masjid Al Aqsa, also referred to as Qibla-i-Awwal among Muslims.
“Jerusalem is part of Muslim faith,” Bhat said. “In valley, Muslims are aghast and very concerned… we can only hold protests and that has been done. But this issue can only be taken up by governments which are led by Muslims.”
Bhat observed that Muslims across sects and nations were “united” on Jerusalem.
“Saudi Arabia, Iran and Pakistan…. no one has any reservation (in this regard) and are united (but) only Turkey is taking lead this time,” he said.
Referring to statement of Turkish president, Recep Tayyib Erdogan, noted scholar Gazi Moin-ul-Islam Nadvi in his Friday sermon at Batamaloo said, “Muslims cannot further sectarian divisions… it is time to stand up and forge a strong unity as Jerusalem is redline for us.”
Islamic scholar and secretary general Jamiat-e-Ahlhadees Dr Abdul Latif Al Kindi said that Muslims won’t accept the US decision. “The Muslim countries should boycott those who have taken this decision,” Dr Kindi said.
He said that no other country should move their embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. “It will answer US which will eventually face isolation,” he added.
Asking the member-states of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to call an immediate session, Kindi said, the Muslim countries should cut all diplomatic relations with the Zionist state.
“They should follow Saudi Arabia which has never recognized Israel.”
“We live in a region which has no representation in OIC but an immediate session should be held and US should be warned that its move will deteriorate the situation,” he added.
“Further, OIC members should review their diplomatic relations with US and make it clear what its steps mean to Muslims,” Kindi said.
Kindi seconded Bhat saying, “There is no doubt that Jerusalem is red-line for Muslims; it houses one of our holiest sites… Muslims cannot compromise on it.”
An influential Shia leader and NC legislator Agha Ruhullah, told Kashmir Reader that the US move is a slap on Muslim world. “It is because of the slavery of Arab world before US,” he rued. “But we believe, this is an opportunity that Muslim countries take steps to forge unity and fight enemy.”
The US move to shift its embassy to Jerusalem, Ruhulla said, “has once again showed that there is no respect for sentiments of Muslim but lobby of Zionists always prevails.”
“Our question is to Arab world who sold their character to US… who used to always support US,” alleged Ruhulla who is an NC MLA from Budgam.
“But I see it is an opportunity to forge unity and do something for battered Ummah,” he hoped. “We are fighting each other which needs to ended and help ourselves.”

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