Malik pays tributes to Aga Shahid

Malik pays tributes to Aga Shahid

‘A patriot Kashmiri who never forgot his motherland’

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front Chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik Thursdaypaid tributes to renowned poet Agha Shahid Ali terming him as a patriot Kashmiri who always remembered his motherland.
Recalling his poem, ‘I see Kashmir from New Delhi at Midnight’, wherein Shahid has talked about notorious torture centre Papa-2, Malik said, “I have spent one night at the Papa-2, but Ali never visited that place and yet he wrote in a way as if he was held captive at the place for years together.”
He remarked that Kashmiris have a “bad habit of forgetting their own people who have earned fame across the globe”.
“We shower praises on the people who have no connection with Kashmir, but forget the contribution and the talent of own people who earn laurels outside,” Malik said, adding that Shahid lived in US but his soul always remained in Kashmir.
“This is why despite being a highly celebrated poet, he always remained wedded to his nation and wrote commendable poetry on Kashmir,” he said.
Recalling the humility of the poet, Malik said, “I visited him when he was on death bed. He was so humble that when I was about to leave the room, he told me he was sorry that he could not accompany me to the door.”

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