Differently-abled detained under PSA, family talks of travails and harassment

Differently-abled detained under PSA, family talks of travails and harassment
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Baramulla: The wife of Tanveer Ahmad War, a differently-abled person detained under the draconian Public Safety Act, said on Wednesday that the police conducted a search of their house on Tuesday morning, simply to harass.
“Putting my disabled husband in jail is not enough for the police as now they have started to harass our family in one way or the other. On Tuesdaymorning, the Baramulla police came to our home and searched every room and even tried to break the lock of my room. How much do they want to punish us, what wrong we have done to them? First, they put my husband in jail and now they are harassing our family,” Ishrat, who is currently staying with her parents in Srinagar, told Kashmir Reader.
The Station House Officer of Baramulla told Kashmir Reader that there was a search operation in the area and several houses were searched.
Tanveer has been accused by police of leading and instigating stone-pelting protestors in Baramulla. He is serving detention under a second PSA order after the first one was quashed by court in April.
Ishrat said that she had to sell off the tri-cycle used by her husband to arrange money to fight his case.
According to the disability certificate provided by Chief Medical Officer Baramulla, Tanveer has a permanent disability in his left leg.
He earned his living by repairing electrical equipment at his home until he was picked up by government forces from his home in Fakir Wani Mohalla in October last year.
Since then he has been in different jails, even though the High Court in April granted him bail in all the fourteen cases that the Baramulla police registered against him.
After the court granted him bail, he was taken to Sheeri police station, six kilometers away from Baramulla town, and booked under another case (15th case) and then sent to Kupwara Jail, from where he was shifted to Kot Balwal Jail in Jammu under a second PSA detention order in May, Ishrat said.
She said that Tanveer had developed medical problems in the initial days of his detention in Baramulla, but despite that he was slapped with PSA.
“After some days of his arrest, I came to know that he had fallen ill in sub-jail Baramulla, where he was kept for two months before his PSA detention. Police had taken him to Baramulla district hospital. When I reached there, he was in the emergency ward. He was diagnosed with a kidney stone, which was causing him severe pain. After he was discharged, he was slapped with PSA and directly taken to Kupwara Jail,” Ishrat said.
“He had suffered a fall inside Baramulla police station and hurt his back and leg badly. Not just that, when he was in Kupwara Jail, he had complained of pain in his right eye. The police took him to Kupwara hospital, from where he was referred to SMHS hospital in Srinagar. After check-up and medicines, a doctor told him that his eye was so badly damaged that they could not help him. But even after so many complications, and even after the bail order from the high court, they didn’t release him but sent him to Kot Balwal Jail on 27th of May, where his health started getting from bad to worse”, Ishrat narrated her ordeal.
Tanveer has now been shifted from Kot Balwal to Srinagar central jail.
“Keeping him in jail without proper treatment has now affected his left arm, which he is not able to move properly. My husband needs treatment but instead of releasing him, the government continues to keep him jailed,” Ishrat lamented.
Tanveer’s family have been knocking on every door for help. Ishrat said she is herself a diabetic patient and sometimes falls unconscious for several minutes.
“But I have no one to fight this case. Whatever needs to be done, it has to be done by me, and I will do everything to get my husband released,” Ishrat said.




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