DeM denounces attack on civilians in Hajin

Castigates govt’s decision to open boarding schools

SRINAGAR: Dukhtaran-e- Millat (DeM) on Thursday denounced the attack on civilians and vandalizing of property by the army in Hajin area of Bandipora district. In a statement issued here, DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen said that forces must understand that the “resentment and anger against India and its forces will continue to grow among the youth in Kashmir as long as the repression and the terrorism of Indian forces continues in Kashmir.”
“Incidents like these trigger anger in younger generations against India. These are the reasons young boys pelt stones on its forces whenever these forces enter civilian areas. In the past renegades like Kukka Parrey used to terrorise people in Hajin and adjoining areas but nowadays whole of Hajin supports militants,” she said. She urged the international HR organisations to take a strong notice of such incidents.
Meanwhile, the DeM castigated the government for its plan to open boarding schools.
It said, the plan is yet another “conspiracy to harm the social and moral fabric” of the Muslim-majority Kashmir.
“By setting up these schools, the puppet government wants to brainwash students and change their mindset. It seems another conspiracy against the Kashmiri Muslim youth. At present, we can see that how distorted history is being taught in schools. In schools like JNVs and NVs, the administrators get lot of opportunity to teach distorted historical facts and also get ample chance to change the mindset of the students. We are aware about such incidents that have happened in the past,” Nahida said.
“Every now and then, plans are being made to open liquor shops in Kashmir, drug trade and abuse is continuing unabated under the government patronage and also indecent activities are being encouraged so that the youth, who are coming close to Islam and its teachings with every passing day and are against India, get deviated from the righteous path,” she added.
She added that such “conspiracies are actually meant to strengthen the roots of the illegal control and the government’s Hindutva agenda in Kashmir”.