Bloodshed will continue till Kashmir not resolved: Hurriyat (M)

Bloodshed will continue till Kashmir not resolved: Hurriyat (M)
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SRINAGAR: Hurriyat Conference led by Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Tuesday said the resolution of Kashmir is must for everlasting peace in not only the subcontinent but in the entire South Asia. The amalgam said the bloodshed will continue in the region and innocent people will continue to lose their precious lives as long as the dispute is alive.
“The people of Kashmir are fighting for a genuine and sacred cause for the last seven decades and have been offering priceless sacrifices in terms of life and property, a spokesperson of the amalgam said in a statement. “The people of Kashmir have been facing all the tough forms of atrocities at the hands of lakhs of forces present in the region, who have broken all records of worst form of human rights violations.”
He also paid glowing tributes to slain militants, saying, “The sacrifices offered by youth are the priceless assets for the ongoing freedom movement and it was because of the lingering Kashmir issue that the region is witnessing bloodshed each passing day.”
The spokesperson said Kashmir issue continues to remain as a nuclear flashpoint between India and Pakistan for the last several decades and it is high time to resolve the issue as per either through implementation of UN resolutions or through tripartite dialogue with the involvement of all the stakeholders.
He said it is the responsibility of the world community to play its part and build pressure on New Delhi to shun its “stubborn and rigid approach” and force it to accept the ground realities in Kashmir. He said resolution of Kashmir issue was inevitable so that peace prevails in the region and loss of human lives and property saved.
Meanwhile, the spokesperson strongly condemned the cordon and search operations in villages and door to door searches terming it as highhandedness of forces which is causing a great inconvenience to people. “Forces in Kashmir have been given a free licence to carry search or any operation at their will no matter how problematic it turns for the common people,” he said.


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