Mushrooming Growth of Tuition Centers should be Regulated and Monitored

Mushrooming Growth of Tuition Centers should be Regulated and Monitored
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By Sheikh Abid

Take a walk to the market, on any given day. What you will come across various multi-coloured posters, banners and other attractive pamphlets of different coaching centers operating everywhere around you. Even the newspapers are flooded with coaching centre ads guaranteeing you of a bright and successful carrier. As the winter sets in the sudden increase in their activity is pretty much vivid. The mushrooming of these tuition centers is increasing at an accelerating pace as such earlier they used to be confined to main cities and particular places, but nowadays, there is a coaching center in every street, every market, even inside the colonies and mohallas of Kashmir.
Education is a natural process of learning. It is a necessity to cope up with the various aspects of life especially in the contemporary era of cut throat competition. But the fact is that most of these coaching centers are becoming a part of trending fashion which teenagers are following blindly to portray a better image of themselves. There’s, unfortunately, more than education that happens in most coaching centers. Students who go to these tuition centers are mostly teenagers who, according to research, are considered to be at a most critical and vulnerable age. These are the future deciding years of every person especially students in which he/she can achieve heights of success the flip side is that there is an equal chance of getting down life destroying hole.
The question is: are these rapidly growing coaching centers really proving to be beneficial to us as a community or are they just being commercialized in order to grab huge amount of money in the name of providing education? If we observe more closely, most of these tuition centers are not registered and there is a lack of regularization of these. Most are hardly equipped to teach a large number of students and providing them with quality education. There is not a consistent monitoring of these. Moreover, most of these centers overcharge students by charging huge amount of tuition fees. Although the government has assigned an inspection squad to look into the working of these tuition centers and listen to the grievances of students but consistency is the word!
To sum up, there is nothing wrong in taking a tuition if you are weak in a particular subject. Inf act you should take a tuition in order to meet competition level and groom up in knowledge. but making it a trend or a part of your lifestyle for the purpose of just showing off is something we should avoid and ponder upon.

—The author is pursuing M.A journalism at the MERC, Kashmir University. He can be reached at: