Teachings of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH): A Beacon for all Mankind for All Times

Teachings of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH): A Beacon for all Mankind for All Times

Dr. Shahid Amin Trali
Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has been a real blessing to this Universe. He has been a torch bearer for entire universe since the ages when there was more darkness. Mohammad (PBUH) is a path shower to the mankind. He set examples how to lead a commanding and respectful life. He (PBUH) has been a combination of the best social attributes and is a perfect example of a beautiful mind and flawless insight(s). The Prophet(SAW) was gifted with intelligence, originality of thought and accurate choice of the means leading to accurate goals. His huge silence helped deeply in his habit of meditation and deep analysis into the truth.
Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) heart was filled with intense love for all human kind irrespective of caste, creed, or color. His vivid mind and pure nature were helpfully instrumental in assimilating and comprehending ways of life and people, individual and community-wise. Friend : they cherish one another’s hopes. They are kind and supportive to one another’s dreams. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) also stressed on good friendship and treating everyone alike. According to a tradition recorded in the Sahih of Imam Muslim, when the Prophet’s opponents greatly increased their harassment, his Companions asked him to curse them. But the Prophet (PBUH) replied, “I have not been sent to lay a curse upon men but to be a blessing to them.” The Prophet’s(PBUH) opponents continued to treat him badly and cruelly, but he always prayed for them.

With great graciousness, he(PBUH) treated his enemies with an open heart and with a huge welcome. According to one Hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) once said, “A true believer is one with whom others feel secure. One who pays love for abhorrence” The Prophet’s messages make it clear that one who would only return love for love is low in ethical values. We should, rather, be accustomed to treat others in a good way; always try to appease those who are not in good terms with us; not wronging those who harm us. Rightly said , we must hate the sin but not the sinner. According to another Hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) once said, “By God, he is not a believer, by God, he is not a believer, by God, he is not a believer, with whom his neighbors are not secure.” This Hadith shows how much he loved and cared for all human beings.
Anas ibn Malik says, I served the Prophet (PBUH) for ten years, I lived with him for ten years and not once did he rebuke me. Not once did the word ‘Uh’ come from his mouth. ‘Uh’ as we know is the least word to express irritation. Such conduct gained him the respect even of his enemies, and his followers stood by him through all kinds of hardship and misfortune. In another incident, once the Prophet(PBUH) was seated at some place in Madinah, along with his Companions. During this time, a funeral procession passed by. On seeing this, the Prophet stood up. One of his Companions remarked that the funeral was that of a Jew. The Prophet replied, “Was he not a human being?” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has given vital teachings to succeed through respect, enthusiasm and a strong value system.
A good society is one in which most individuals consider it rational to treat each other in the way they themselves would want to each be treated by others when presented with similar circumstances: a society where people aspire to ‘do’ as they would be ‘done by’ and to live good lives that serve good ends. One of the most important characteristics in the society of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was education, instruction and knowledge. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) wanted for all Muslims, with no differentiation between men and women or young and old, to be occupied with all areas of learning. Cooperation and solidarity were also important characteristics in the society of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). The Prophet(PBUH) considered it a responsibility to help those who were destitute, poor, orphaned or abandoned and to relieve them of their difficulties. When he(PBUH) was the head of the state in Medina, he treated both Muslim and non-Muslim according to the principle of rights, justice and equality. Whenever the Prophet(PBUH) was to make big decisions he took into consideration not the benefits to his person, family or relations, but rather the thought of the welfare of the society. When there was any challenge to Prophet(PBUH), he would be the first to step up, and when there was a benefit he would put himself last.

This behavior of the Prophet(PBUH), as an exemplary leader , laid the foundations for the peace and security in society. Perhaps, one of the greatest qualities that made Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) such a phenomenal teacher is that he led by example. In every aspect of his life, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has been exemplary and practiced what he preached. This made it easy for his companions and followers to understand and apply his teachings. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)) is the best role model for all humankind. Among his outstanding virtues and characteristics, are that he was an extraordinary husband, a perfect father, and a unique grandfather. He was also a great statesman, judge, and spiritual leader. The modern world can attain true peace by following the principles well suggested by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is an excellent demonstration of truthfulness, balance, justice, coexistence and compassion. There is a solution to every problem in the teaching of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).We should get rid of all the prejudices based upon caste, creed and colour and bring happiness into the lives of people in light of the last message of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). History is testimony how every creation in this Universe was highly impressed by Prophet’s actions and conduct.
Science and technology are also on the rise and at a rapid pace. Path breaking research reveals that advanced technology has led to a horrible rise in crime, exploitation, murder, corruption, suicide, and other wrong doings in the society. There is an ever increasing call for communities to focus on the messages of the divine prophets to develop and improve communities. It is important to learn and apply their good teachings in action and spirit. Of the greatest leaders in our history is none other than Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself. The real examples of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) narrate how an atmosphere of mutual love and compassion can be brought about in the world only when we consciously rise and show care and respect towards everyone.

The author is Assistant Professor at the ITM University Gwalior. He can be reached at: dr.shahidamin15@gmail.com



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