For a day on CMs arrival Bandipora road gets facelift

For a day on CMs arrival Bandipora road gets facelift

People receive ‘uninterrupted’ power supply

Bandipora: The otherwise known as one of the most underdeveloped district in north Kashmir thanks to administrative failures and callousness, the Bandipora district on Sunday witnessed an unprecedented makeover on Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s arrival.
In a brazen exhibition of appeasement of the CM and her officers in tow in a long cavalcade, the R&B department was seen in the forefront in improving the otherwise dilapidated Srinagar-Bandipora road. The road is a nuisance for the general public otherwise but to make the CM’s travel hassle free, the district authorities overnight worked to smoothen it.
The road, which after many protests was handed over to R&B from BRO in 2016 is yet to complete its repairs as locals alleged that “department is going on at a snail’s pace”.
On CM’s arrival many potholes were seen being filled by the department with earth at many places.
An official of the R&B department said that the otherwise ignored road was improved for traffic “at certain places because the CM was touring the district”.
Meanwhile, when the Chief Minister reached Bandipora, the locals who otherwise are facing immense power outages were taken by surprise when the light bulbs kept shining uninterrupted.
A local resident, Mansoor wrote on his social media account, “Incredible Joke! the Power Development Department, when asked about outages, claim no power due to low water level and minimum supply, why do they have no excuses for the continuous power supply today.”


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