LeT condemns atrocities on Kashmiri prisoners

Srinagar: Lashkar-e-Toiba(LeT) militant outfit Thursday condemned the violence on Kashmiri prisoners in Tihar jail.
“Where are the champions of human rights who preach about humanity? Atrocities upon unarmed prisoners are the violation of international laws,” Mehmood Shah, the LeT chief in a statement to CNS said.
He said that ‘Indian army has transformed Kashmir valley into hell and are committing war crimes.
“Indian forces are not only using force but chemical weapons as well on unarmed peaceful civilians. India should be declared a terrorist state for this act,” statement added.
Mahmood said that ‘biased Indian government and media has been putting veil on the atrocities of Indian forces and do propaganda to label the ongoing freedom movement in Kashmir as terrorist activity.’ LeT appealed International community to take note of Indian atrocities in Kashmir and play pivotal role in getting self-autonomy recognized by United Nations itself.
“Solution to the problem of the region is linked to the resolution of Kashmir. if India will not withdraw its forces from Kashmir , war will reach to the Indian homeland,” statement added.