Unnecessary Posturing

Unnecessary Posturing

In escalating rhetorical grandstanding and posturing within the pro-India camp, the Jammu and Kashmir chapter of the far right party, the Shiv Sena, has asserted that it would hoist the Indian flag at Lal Chowk. The party’s assertion comes in the wake of Farooq Abdullah of the National Conference’s challenge (or dare) to the BJP to unfurl the Indian flag in Lal Chowk first than in Pakistan administered Kashmir. Both Abdullah’s challenge and the Sena’s response constitute a war of rhetoric, which has no significance for the people of Kashmir and the conflict thereof. The pro-India camp in Kashmir has actually reduced itself to mere posturing and rhetorical flourishes which neither makes a difference to people nor any change in the conflict in and over Kashmir. This posturing by the pro-India is its favorite weapon of choice- especially when out of power. Once the camp smells or is actually in power, they then seek to please and ingratiate themselves with New Delhi. The pro-India parties posturing have a resonance both historically and contemporarily. The people of Kashmir are thereby no strangers to all this; the best gauge lies in the public’s total indifference to these antics. In terms of the far right party, the Shiv Sena, it chooses emotive and emotional symbolism over substance to actually assert itself- both locally and in terms of its place of centre of gravity, Mumbai. But, yet again, its penchant for symbolism makes no difference to the people of Kashmir and the conflict, which gyrates to its own dynamic. Consider a hypothetical. If the Shiv Sena, actually does make an attempt to unfurl the Indian flag at Lal Chowk, there might be hartal or a curfew in Kashmir. But, this would be in the nature of a mildest of reactions. The Sena’s attempt will focus the psycho-emotional world of Kashmiris onto this putative attempt and people will resist it- if by nothing but certainly by omission. In essence then the attempted symbolism will merely have a feel good factor for the Sena but nothing else. The conflict in and over Kashmir will remain. Prudence and far sightedness would demand that emotive symbolism and its concomitant, rhetorical grandstanding be disavowed and instead rationality be given a chance in Kashmir. Elevating rationality in terms of Kashmir would mean and entail instituting a conflict resolution paradigm that redounds to the interests of all stakeholders- especially the people of Kashmir.


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  1. SKChadha   November 30, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Time and again, there is enough symbolism by divisive forces in Valley? Though I am not supporter of Shiv Sena, but let us know what is wrong, if symbolism is made by Shiv Sena for unity and integrity of India? Why not to hurl National Flag at Lal Chowk every day? Kashmir is not a land for dynastic rule of Abdullahs, Muftis, Lones or Mirwaizs ….. O:)


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