A Longing Reminisce on Life at the University

A Longing Reminisce on Life at the University

By Javeed Hajam
I believe that as long as you are a student, you live a sovereign life but once formal study is over , you lose this independence; sour and acidic worldly rules swivel you like anything. Any place , where a student studies is a detention center for him or her till the period he or she studies there but once he/she completes studies, grief sets in for every movement and every inch of that place. Some people say that school life is the part of life which is unforgettable; some say that college life is the best part where you make lots of friends, bunk countless classes and do all kinds of stuff which gives you a feeling that after completing the college you will rule the world. But then there is another part of life called University Life which , I believe is the best, memorable, unforgettable and treasured part of life.
When you are in university, you probably feel like it is never going to end. You feel unbeatable, invincible; that you could do anything you wanted. And, then you complete your studies and everything changes. Suddenly, your friends are dispersed everywhere. For many, it is the computer which becomes their new best friend and its endless supply of completely useless job search engines, all of which tell you that you need to have patience for survival and if you lose that you are gone for sure.
For me, university life was like a God’s gift. Being at the University, being the highest seat of learning , one ought to study hard but , at the same time, one should enjoy this life to the fullest. I miss the people and the atmosphere; it used to be a lot of fun, even the pressures and tensions in the university life now seem to be fun; the exam fear and that whole night reading now looks amazing. I remember every minute of life which I spent there and all those moments and memories are as fresh as if they happened yesterday. We were thirty nine students in the class and I believe we all were having same traits and attributes , to a larger extent, which were enough to bond us faster than Fevicol. If you are a university student and, that too in a professional course, you feel tired while calling some ones original name even if the name is of only one word, so you immediately try to shorten the name as much as you can. In such an ambiance, we were the first to adopt this pious culture and our short names were Khan, Aadi, Naaz, Mamu, Jassi, Suri, Ifi, Towi and so on.. For project work, we used to make groups and our group names were Barclays, Mavericks, West Lake, Financial Analysts, Boom Leaders, Finex and so on.
They say that time flies when you are having fun and the same happened to us. Till exams did not knock our doors, none of us cared about it and the majority of us used to study only in and during exam days. In our course , we had 32 modules with 8 modules per semester. We used to distribute the subjects so that over all load on a particular member would be low. In one of our semesters, as per the ritual, we distributed the subjects. I, and my friend Aadi had to teach the Tax paper to other members which used to be one of the toughest papers in the semester. We did our best in practicing and did lot of math’s so that we could teach our mates in the hostel with confidence. We had to first clear their concepts , and after that were supposed to complete the numerical portion. We were so clear and confident in our concepts and practice that the friend whom we had come to teach indeed taught us during whole night and cleared our concepts( he is none other than the Great Khan). I , along with my friend Aadi , some 5 or 6 hours before that night were full of pride about completing Tax paper in advance but in the morning of that night we were feeling fortunate that we came to the hostel and got our concepts cleared from Khan.
It was during exam times when we actually realized the significance of cell phones and conference calls-thanks to Martin Cooper. During exams, we used to spend almost 5 to 6 hours on phone discussing only exam stuff.
After stepping out of university, when one looks back, it all looks like a closed chapter because everything looks new; everyone rushes for a job, searching here and there; some prefer to go outside and some prefer to stay back. Even a close friend finds it difficult to meet; strict office timings and rules make them stick to their work only. Now, meeting friends seems like festival days. We don’t know where those days have gone when, , every day in canteen we used to have tea and usual fights about paying bills. Now, everybody seems ready to pay but no one can bring the time back.
Indeed , university life is a collection of wonderful memories. It hurts to leave university-not to be able to see your friend’s every day. In this era, I found it the best time of my life. The remaining part of life , you spend with pain of missing our dear ones. The pain is really when you live without them and with their presence in your mind. I saw a lot of strangers in the beginning and plenty of people with the expression of ‘missing you’ at the end of the university. In between, it was an amazing journey which made my life beautiful with terrible rules of administration, close friends in the class, friendly teachers (some were strict), favourite bench, and favourite canteen. We made huge volume of mistakes, numerous parties, unofficial picnics, and many other things , by which we ultimately earned the famous tag of the “worst batch” in our department. We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun! Together, we partied, together we cried , kept every single secret and covered every lie.
In life, we do lot of things. Some, we wish, we had never done. Some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads. So , if you got a chance to be in a university just live. Make mistakes, and have wonderful memories. Last , I would like to make what would sound like a strange confession: I might have passed out of university, but in some ways, my soul is still there- may be in the MFC department corridors, the hostel, or at the canteen or the lawns.

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