Efforts to Malign Islam are Self Defeating

Efforts to Malign Islam are Self Defeating

By Fayaz Ganie

The best test of the truthfulness of a religion is when its teachings, doctrines, predictions and even premonitions are trusted by its adversaries. If viewed objectively the way Islam is treated at the international level in the contemporary world, and also at national levels by many countries indicates the same thing, it indicates the absoluteness of the teachings, doctrines, predictions and premonitions, about the pathetic state of human race of the current world order, of Islam. Nay, to put it more precisely we can sum it up by saying that many of the non-Muslims seem surer of the outcomes of human race, as mentioned in Islam, than many of the people who proclaim themselves as Muslims are. For them the authentications of Islam are absolutely authentic, which they actually are, and its predictions are as authentications.
It is not what they acknowledge; rather it is what unwittingly their actions speak. They are so fearful of the results that all their energies, resources, policies, programs, conspiracies, propaganda and privations are against Islam, and the followers of Islam. Somehow and anyhow they want to disprove whatever is there in Islam. They malign and maltreat Muslims, create divisions among them, use military might and espionage against them and keep them in a perpetual state of violence and dependence. They use all the means and measures at their disposal to check the spread, propagation and influence of Islam.
The results for them turn out to be disappointing. No doubt they have succeeded in keeping the Muslims of the world in disarray and divided but their disappointments become boundless when they see all that already mentioned in Islam. The conditions of Muslims are worse of all the religious followers; they face torments and tribulations in almost everywhere where they exist but there is ample forewarning in Islam about the occurrence of such things.
The Muslims of the world seem the easiest to defeat but the adversaries of Islam feel heartbroken when they come to know that this defeat is part of the ultimate victory as predicted and authenticated by Islam. Though, attempts are made to prove Islam against the interests of humanity but these conspiracies end up taking many people closer to Islam, they convert to it and become ardent followers of this religion against the wishes and whims of the adversaries of Islam.
Anyhow the efforts and plots to defeat Islam are ceaseless. It is because of these efforts and plots the Islamic factor is influencing and impacting every major decision of international affairs. It is shaping various alliances and counter alliances. It is shifting the dynamics of nuclear arsenals and nuclear deterrence. It is changing the definitions and descriptions of people and phenomena. And, it is making the people to act in a particular way and show specific behavioral patterns towards the Muslims of the world.
All this can be amply proved by the way people belonging to this religion are treated. If a person with Islamic name kills anybody, he is out rightly declared as a terrorist and his associations with various terrorists groups is established by the miraculous power of the investigating agencies of the world powers. Their association is not only established with the local groups but they are linked with the global terrorist groups and organizations. Many times this is achieved even when the crime has not yet been fully committed. Immediately , after this the persecution and prosecution of the declared criminal is put on fast tract and judgment delivered within no time.
If , on the other end of the spectrum, a massacre is committed by a person with a name other than an Islamic name, nothing of that sort is done. He is treated as innocent until proven guilty and none of his associations are established until the time all the traces of associations get effaced. The persecution process is allowed to move at the slower than normal mode of the justice delivery and by the time any headway is made in the case, the murder of justice stands complete by the delay in justice delivery. Even if the acts of such a person possess the seeds of disintegration of a country, they are not declared as antinational. Muslims on the other hand in their normal state are treated as anti-nationals. They are coerced to prove their loyalty and patriotism every time and in their every act.
Here we are not concerned with what terrorism is, who is a terrorist and who is not but our concern is with the partial, and now expected, treatment that is meted to Islam and its followers by majority of the countries of the world. Amazingly, even Muslims countries of the world treat their people as per the dictates and direction of the world powers. Most of these countries which are engaged in the tirade against Islam are democracies, where fair, and impartial, treatment to all is expected while investigating anything against people. In these countries it is not religion which makes a person liable to punishment but their criminal acts, and their being outlawed. But, in these democracies Islam and Muslim names seem the sufficient reasons to punish people.
The judgments against Muslims in most of the cases are biased and prejudices are the basis of such judgments. They have made stereotypes of Muslims and these stereotypes according to them are always against the current world order. Muslims are blamed to be in a mission mode to annihilate all the other religions and people of the world and establish an Islamic rule. Islamic rule is described as most brutal and barbaric rule that can ever happen to the world. This is clearly a false notion and propaganda and even if we accept this for the sake of argument under an Islamic rule , the security of non-Muslims comes first than the security of Muslims.
The foreign and domestic policies of most of the countries are conducted with the singularity of purpose in keeping the religion of Islam in check. The suppression of Islam and Islamic voice is their first priority. Had it been Iran in place of North Korea to conduct nuclear tests, she might have been decimated by the unilateral action of the super powers of the world. Even without these tests she is tried to be kept subservient to their dictates. The bilateral and multilateral treaties of these countries are conducted with the same purpose in mind. The diplomats are specifically trained to act as propagandists against Muslims. Many a time Islamic preachers are bought to achieve these purposes.
The story of atheists is same as that of the adversary countries, and people, to Islam. It would not be sarcastic if we say that atheists believe in the God more than most of the Muslims do. The difference is that all the Muslims acknowledge it but the atheists do not do that by their words but their actions indicate that. Though their acts, practices and words are intended to disprove the existence of God but these acts, practices and words end up saying there is no god but Allah, unwillingly but they end up saying so. Though God needs nobody’s certificate about His existence but their acts end up certifying His existence. They move exactly as has been mentioned in Islam and that is why Islam is the fastest growing religion of the word.
They try to act in diametrically opposite ways as mentioned in Islam only to find that their current behavior is already mentioned in Islam. Subsequently , when they modify those very behaviors, they get astonished to find out that even those modifications are mentioned there. In short, they end up on the same point and destination by whatever way they tread, they end up praising Islam by their acts while trying to malign Islam by their words. Those who want to neglect this religion, remember it during every moment of their lives in their negligence, those who want to disprove it end up proving its predictions right and making them as authentications for them. They act as if they are the loyal servants of the religion even without being loyal.
Their methods to use modern technology and scientific knowhow against Islam is not aiding them, the modern modes of communication do not prove of help to them in the ultimate sense, though it may be proving so for the time being but everything falls flat when they find that the contemporary victories of the adversaries of Islam are part of the eventual triumph of Islam. And, the ephemeral defeats of Muslims are part of the larger defeats that the adversaries of Islam will suffer.
Better was to live in harmony, and better is to coexist but the adversaries of Islam are hell bent to act against this religion. This behavior of theirs is making the world unsafe and unsustainable. Islam is a religion of peace ; in it , the security for people is an ultimate service and every Muslim is enjoined to provide that service. They are enjoined the security of non-Muslims even before their own security. Nobody who is trying to present this religion as something against humanity is doing any good service to the world. Islam must not be identified with those few people who call themselves as Muslims but act in ways which are not Islamic.

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