Appalling, Disgusting and Atrocious!

Appalling, Disgusting and Atrocious!

A group of Kashmiri inmates has been ruthlessly beaten by an inspection team of the Tamil Nadu Special Police(TSP) at the Tihar Jail. The ostensible pretext of the beating(s) is that an argument developed between the Kashmiri inmates which became the proximate cause of the beating. Ironically, this ghastly incident came to light when Kashmir observed a hartal against the treatment of Kashmiri prisoners lodged and incarcerated in various jails. The ghastly incident at Tihar raises issues of fundamental concern and is a gross violation of the rights of prisoners. Prisons, or jails, by their very nature are ghastly places where inmates are subject to, first, deprivation of their liberty and other allied forms of punishment. But, hitting and beating inmates, crosses a new threshold and breaks all norms of civil behavior in , as notorious places as prisons. The question that beating of Kashmiri inmates raises is why did the TSP get so emboldened as to break norms and perhaps even law(s). The answer may lie in the ethnicity of the inmates. Being Kashmiri appears to have accorded license to the TSP personnel; they beat the prisoners black and blue merely because the inmates happened to be Kashmiri and this very fact appears to have given the TSP alleged impunity. This is not only atrocious but also appallingly disgusting. Kashmiris , in the Indian imaginary, appear to have become the implacable “Other” who can be abused , without any fear of punishment , especially in contexts where there is a power asymmetry involved. That is, those context where Kashmiris are at the mercy of others. This has also been observed in many cases of violence against Kashmiri students in some parts of India. Two allied reasons appear to account for this implied and real violence against Kashmiris: one is the constant trotting of vicious slander against Kashmiris by the media and the other is the culture of impunity against the perpetrators. Both feed into each other and lead to a rather permissive environment. In specific terms of the assault at Tihar, granted that an inquiry has been ordered , but the whole saga must not get buried in the inertia laden commissions and inquiries that happen , post facto, in Kashmir. The case is too serious and alarming to fall victim to layers of bureaucracy and inertia. Strict and exemplary punishment should be meted out to the perpetrators and it should be ensured that Kashmiri prisoners remain safe from all kinds of assaults and abuse in the future!

2 Responses to "Appalling, Disgusting and Atrocious!"

  1. G. Din   December 6, 2017 at 12:52 am

    No more appeasement! When writing such editorials, the writer must remind himself/herself how other nations are handling those who indulge in seditious and treasonous activities such as China in Xinjiang, Israelis in Palestine and sundry others and then thank their stars for the patience India shows against huge provocations. No more!

  2. SKChadha   November 30, 2017 at 11:44 am

    The editorials and write up of KR fail to realize that Indian public has always advocated for human rights despite subjugation of over 500 years for most of India? The human rights of Kashmir has also got lot of support from Indian public and polity. However, of late it is observed that the jumping jokers of valley are taking as weakness of Indian Public or Indian Might. Not only the GoI, GoJ&K but even the normal citizenry of entire India (including J&K) is feeling outraged by this Jihadi Culture of few in valley. My humble suggestion to the Media of valley is to stop the propagandist attitude as it won’t lead us anywhere except destruction. Please collectively build the Valley and make it again green and saffron.

    Please realize that silent citizenry of 1.2b is not weak. It has much more power to direct the masters of India even for more tougher stands against rowdy.