Drug abuse, self-medication thrives in Shopian

Drug abuse, self-medication thrives in Shopian

Doctors are rogues, says drug official

SRINAGAR: The mushroom growth of illegal pharmacies and medical shops has posed a serious threat to the lives of gullible people in south Kashmir’s Shopian district.
Several operators of these pharmacies have not even passed the matriculation but they own licenses to run the outlets with direct bearing on human lives.
Locals say that many such stores are dealing with drugs that promote addiction, especially among the young generation.
“The health department is taking bribes from the owner and operators of these pharmacies and they let them to ruin the health of poor people. In village areas no one is bothering to check their licenses and registrations which has worsened the health of the people,” Abdul Hameed, resident of Turkwangam village said. He added that selling medicines is rural areas has became a trade on the cost of health of people.
Chief medical officer Shopian Dr Abdul Rasheed said that the illegal pharmacies must be dealt with strictly. He advised the people to stay away from self-medication. “We are always for the service of people but they must know that getting medicines from medical shops or doing self-medication can worsen their health which is not treatable even in bigger hospitals,” he said. On registration of pharmacies he said that does not come in his domain of work.
Health experts said that getting medical consultation from these pharmacies is dangerous than self-medication. They advise people to stay away from these kinds of treatments and self-medication. “These practices not only get people addicted to the drugs but have severe hazardous effects on common health,” Dr Shafat, a medico said. He said antibiotic resistance is worsening day by day throughout the valley.
He said that steroid menace is also taking an alarming turn. “We are witnessing massive rush of patients in hospitals suffering from kidney, heart and stomach ailments, high blood pressure and several other diseases. The reason is the massive use of drugs prescribed by unregistered pharmacies and self-medication,” he said.
Assistant controller drugs, Pulwama/Shopian, Nighat Jabeen told Kashmir Reader that matric pass is eligible for giving prescriptions to the patients which includes registration from the department.
She said the doctors were more responsible for drug abuse than the pharmacies and druggists.”Doctors themselves are rogues. When they send trucks of medicines to these medicine sellers for sale, how can the menace be arrested,” she said.


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