Withering Ecology

Withering Ecology
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Amonth after the administration’s ministerial panel okayed Indo-Sino companies to dredge the Wular Lake, the multi-crore project has hit a roadblock as a “few members” of the panel have expressed reservations over the panel’s recommendations. This might mean that the dredging work, which was to be completed within two years, will be delayed. The sufferer of the administration’s flips and flops will be the Wular Lake itself, which has shrunk from its pristine glory and dimensions significantly. At one level, the whole saga reflects the poor homework , the administration does, in terms of awarding projects and project management thereof. And, at another, perhaps more significant level, it reflects the apathy towards the environment and ecological systems of Kashmir. This, broadly speaking, has led to the evisceration of Kashmir’s environment and ecological balance which, among other things, can only spell doom and gloom for the vale. The thematic norm in Kashmir appears to that problems and issues , of say the nature of the Wular Lake are left unaddressed, and festering till they assume such alarming proportions that only a salvage job is done. Accruing from inertia that cross cuts and abuts administrations here, corruption, nepotism and even ignorance, projects like the Wular one , are hampered and our ecology, economy and ecosystems take a hit. This is the general delineation of the issues that create conditions for apathy in Kashmir. If issues pertaining to nature, ecology and concomitantly ecosystems are left to fester, these issues , in one form or the other, redound and impinge on the people of Kashmir. The Wular Lake issue is a case in point and a metaphor for the administrations’ apathy, in general, a metaphor for all that is wrong here. It may be safe to posit here that the inertia that defines the administrations here might not be remedied but what might be done is to break down projects and their management into silos and vigorously pursue these. One way might be to actually outsource project management to ethical firms with a clear cut track record and then the administrations can assume the role of oversight and accountability under the full glare of the public. Kashmir’s environment and ecology has taken a bad hit over the years. There is excuse for this. The condition of the Wular Lake symbolizes what has gone awry and wrong with our ecology and ecosystems. It is exigent that the process of redeeming our environment begins with this lake itself.

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