Police to conduct inquiry into pellets shot from ‘close range’ at 16-yr-old

Police to conduct inquiry into pellets shot from ‘close range’ at 16-yr-old
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Srinagar: Police on Sunday ordered an inquiry into the firing incident on Friday afternoon in Nawa Kadal area in which a 16-year-old boy was hit with pellets from point-blank range and left on the street battling for his life.
A senior police official told Kashmir Reader that Kashmir Inspector General of Police Muneer Khan has constituted an inquiry into the firing which left Zahid Ahmad, a Class 11 student, severely injured by pellets that pierced his right abdomen region and shattered his vital organs.
The police inquiry comes after family members of Zahid alleged that government forces fired pellets at him from point-blank range without any provocation. They alleged that government forces fired at him when he was returning from an examination center at MP School, Babadem.
“The Superintendent of Police concerned was directed to investigate the whole incident in detail as to what actually happened that day and who targeted Zahid from point-blank range,” the police official said.
According to him, the pellets were shot from close range which is contrary to the Standard Operating Procedure of police and CRPF.
“Such procedure shouldn’t have been followed while using a pellet gun. That is why the inquiry was ordered, so that real facts and the personnel involved come to the fore,” he said.
The police official claimed that a joint party of police and CRPF was on Friday attacked by about 50 stone-pelting youth at Nawa Kadal, and Zahid was injured during those clashes.
“Though there was no major stone-pelting incident on Friday but a mob of 40 to 50 youth attacked a joint police and CRPF party at Nawa Kadal while they were leaving the area. Later we came to know that a teenage boy has been injured severely in the incident,” said the police official.
Police Station Safa Kadal has registered a case (FIR 203 of 2017) over the stone-pelting incident that occurred on Friday afternoon.
“We have registered the case and started investigation into the incident of stone-pelting that took place around 3.30pm on Friday. We will also investigate the incident that led to the grave injury to a youth in the same FIR,” SP North, Sajad Shah, told Kashmir Reader.
“I can’t share any further details with you. It will take us a week or so to complete the investigation,” Shah said.
Medical Superintendent of SMHS Hospital, Dr Saleem Tak, said that Zahid’s condition is stable now but many of his vital organs have been damaged beyond repair.
“His right kidney and gall bladder were damaged beyond repair, so we removed them. The pellets perforated his lungs, liver, and intestines as well. But we were able to repair them to a large extent,” he said.
Dr Tak said Zahid has been admitted to the ICCU for close observation because his injuries were grave.
“Our doctors are trying hard to treat him. Let’s hope and pray he recovers soon,” he said.


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