‘Sharp increase in transgression by China into Indian territory’

Srinagar: Transgression into the Indian territory by China has witnessed “sharp increase”, a media report said on Sunday.

ITBP records as reported by the Indian
Express show that there was a sudden spike in transgressions by China into Indian territory in October-November.

As many as 31 incidents of transgressions were recorded in October-November in primarily three sectors — Depsang Area, Trig Height and Thakung Post (Pangong Lake).

In many cases, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops entered as far as 20 km into Indian territory, according to the ITBP, deployed on the India-China border.

The first transgression, according to the records, took place in Ladakh sector on October 12, when PLA personnel entered Trig Height area by vehicle at 5 am and first drove 2 km inside Indian territory.

Two hours later, they drove another 6 km. Days later, they again entered 6 km into Indian territory, by boats this time, on the Pangong Lake on October 14 and 21.

Four transgressions were reported near Pangong Lake between October 14 to November 3, with PLA troops either coming in vehicles or boats.

On October 31 and November 5, PLA personnel entered 19 km into Indian territory at Pangong Lake area. These transgressions, according to ITBP records, were reported at 2.30 pm and 12.55 am respectively.

Some transgressions were reported in Uttarakhand too. On October 11, PLA soldiers are reported to have flown into Indian territory. They stayed there for a while, before going back. Barahoti, an open pasture, is a disputed area on the India-China border where frequent transgressions by the Chinese are reported, said officials.

In Arunachal Pradesh, similar incidents of transgression were reported in Dichu and Asaphila areas on November 1 and 2. When contacted, an ITBP spokesperson refused to comment on the recent transgressions.

“There is no need to be alarmed. Such incidents are regular. The Chinese troops come and leave. The problem will start if they camp at some place,” said a senior ITBP officer.

However, the media report quoting India’s Home Ministry officials said they have asked their counterparts in the External Affairs and Defence ministries to take up the matter with Beijing.