Islamabad Op: Protestors ‘contacted’ India, claims Pak minister

Islamabad Op: Protestors ‘contacted’ India, claims Pak minister

Srinagar: Pakistan’s Interior Minister has claimed that religious parties protesting in the country’s capitak city Islamabad had “contacted India”, and that PML-N federal government was investigating the matter.

Speaking to the DawnNews, Ahsan Iqbal said, “They are not your average citizens. We can see that they have various resources at their disposal. They have fired tear gas shells [at security forces], they also cut the fibre optic cables of cameras that were monitoring their protest.”

A stand-off between the Pakistan’s relgious groups and government is going-on in Islamabad over Khatm-e-Nabuwat (SAW) law for last over three weeks. At least six people and hundreds were injured on Saturday after the protestors clashed with security forces.

Iqbal alleged the protesters had “contacted India”.

“Why they did it, we are looking into it. They have inside information and resources that are being used against the state.”

The Pakistani interior minister reiterated that the government was attempting to clear the sit-in as part of its legal obligations after the Islamabad High Court (IHC) ordered the capital administration to evict protesters from Faizabad last Friday.

“Our administration is acting on the court’s orders and we are completely supporting them,” he said.

“We have made all peaceful efforts, but we are forced to act as the group has not budged. These people do not know that anti-Pakistan elements are using this to spread malice against Pakistan.”

“We are trying to clear the area with minimum violence, but we also need to ensure the fundamental rights of people of twin cities,” he asserted.