HCBA to abstain from work on Monday

Protest against ill treatment of Kashmiri prisoners in jails

Srinagar: J&K High Court Bar Association (HCBA) Srinagar Saturday has asked all lawyers to abstain from court work on Monday to protest against the ill treatment of Kashmiri prisoners in state and outside state jails.
“All the members of the Bar Association are requested to abstain from court work on 27.11.2017 and follow the decision of the Bar Association in letter and spirit,” HCBA statement said.
While condemning the thrashing of Kashmiri and other Muslim prisoners in Tihar Jail, J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar also asked the jail authorities to ensure safety and security of these prisoners at all costs.
In an executive committee meeting, members in a statement stated that life and liberty of the Kashmiri political prisoners lodged in different jails, both inside and outside the State is in danger and every day, in one or the other jail, they are either being beaten or tortured and humiliated.
“The court orders relating to their release are violated with impunity and thereby further pain and agony is immorally and unethically inflicted on them. Even though the High Court quashes the orders of detention of the detunes but those orders are also being disobeyed by the authorities and the High Court despite being informed of the disobedience of the court order, is also not taking any action against the authorities concerned, which has resulted in the erosion of the faith of the people in the institution of justice,” It added.
It was also stated that more than 45 Kashmiri prisoners have been sentenced to life imprisonment and most of them have served twenty years’ incarceration in prison but they are not being released though in the State of J&K,
“the period of life imprisonment is only 20 years and in terms of the Jail Manual and the Prisoners Act, they are entitled to be released immediately after the completion of 20 years but the provisions of the Jail Manual and the Prisoners Acts are observed in breach and flouted brazenly, “statement added.


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