Pakistan to issue unique identity codes to animals after ‘census’

KARACHI: Animals in Pakistan’s Sindh province will soon be registered and given unique identity codes as lawmakers have passed a law to maintain a computerised record of livestocks, a media report said on Friday.
The identification code hanging around the neck of the animals will not be removed or replaced without permission, Livestock Minister Mohammad Ali Malkani said.
Authorities will maintain birth and death records of the animals after their registration, The Express Tribune reported.
The law, passed yesterday, will establish a database of animals for their registration, tagging and identification in the province, the report said.
The database would be similar to the National Database Registration Authority, an independent and autonomous agency responsible for issuing computerised national identity cards to the citizens of Pakistan.
“The law aims to improve existing livestock sector practices in line with international standards for trade and marketing,” the objectives of the law read.