The Importance of Listening to our Inner Voices

The Importance of Listening to our Inner Voices

Akeel Rashid

The importance of listening is usually associated with what others tell us. We render too much value to the voices of others. But, what about the significance of listening to our own voices? Why is there so less know-how on hand about what we keep hearing from within? There is an abundance of knowledge easily available about writing and speaking skills, besides the skill of listening to others, but why do we hear so less about the skills of ‘listening to ourselves’. What are you reading at this moment is not just as a result of my writing skills but all this has a lot to do with my capability to listen to myself.
A good speaker and a writer is deemed to be one who has an excellent command over a certain language. However, we seldom hear that a good speaker or a good writer is the one who is attentive to his/her inner voice. In order to polish our writing skills, we are instructed to read books; we advise others to converse a lot so as to get a good hold over speaking and above all we emphasize on listening to what others have to say. But, we hardly relate the importance of ‘listening to ourselves’ with one becoming a good writer or speaker. We may read thousands of books and listen to everyone we happen to meet on daily basis but at the end, the improvisation of any kind with regard to our writing and speaking skills will always depend upon how much are we able to retain from our inner voices.
The originality in our writing or speech will always depend on our ability to listen to ourselves. When we are able to accumulate much of the material for our writing or speech from within, it makes our pieces of work more creative and, at the same time, self-induced. We, as human beings, are not automatic and, in order to perform any bodily activity, we constantly keep taking directions from within. Once we lose this tendency of receiving directions from ourselves, we become defective to perform any given task. Similarly, in order to consummate a skill (writing or speaking) , we need to tune in to our inner voices, Otherwise, our ability to think will also become defective and we will be unable to perform any mindful activity.
Nowadays, people talk about possessing lesser control over their ability to think which ,according to them, has influenced the process of independent decision making in their lives. As a result of information being cheaply available to us, the room for thinking has shriveled reflexively. Why most of the people are poor at developing ideas with regard to the writing and speaking, even though they are the best listeners, readers and have mastery over a certain language? It is simply because they have not learnt the art of ‘listening to oneself’. The importance of listening to our inner voices can be drawn from the following facts: Creativity is not passed on but developed. Ideas are not inherited but created. Change is not sought but it is thought.
Tailpiece: Our education system has been designed in a way that it just allows us to know what is already available. I personally propose that the students should be allotted a time frame in which they can express their inner voices so that we all may come to know all those things which have been never known so far.

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