Biochemistry Vs Clinical Biochemistry Fiasco: An Unnecessary Confusion

The whole biochemistry fraternity and other allied educational institutions of the state are shaken and their moralistic intuition dashed into the pulp following the recent notification of JKPSC for the appointment of assistant professors (Notification No: 10- PSC (DR-P) OF 2017 Dated: 27-10-2017) in the department of higher education. The department of biochemistry of the University of Kashmir is more than fifty years old and most of the candidates are working at different places in India and abroad. They find it hard to get placement within the state due to lack of placement for the biochemistry subject.
During the past 1-2 decades, the students, scholars, and teachers of this department have been working assiduously hard to implement the biochemistry subject at basic and higher education levels in the state. It has been a shock to many and left everyone awed about the need for separate notification and justification for the 20 posts in clinical biochemistry verses 10 for the biochemistry despite the fact that the Department of clinical biochemistry is the offshoot of the same parent department, that is, the Department of Biochemistry. Moreover, the appointment of clinical biochemistry candidates against biochemistry positions in colleges -both contractual and permanent- makes us curious to know the justification of this bias that has been exaggerated further by the recent advertisement for appointment of APs in higher education department by the J&K Public Service Commission.
Previously, the Kashmir University issued an equivalence criteria in its equivalence committee meeting held on 04-05-2010 stating that the master’s degree obtained in clinical biochemistry is equal to biochemistry and vice-versa vide Notification No: F(Equi-Comm.5/10)Acad/KU/10; Dated: 09-06-2010. The Higher Education Department also endorsed the same and issued an equivalence notification to the secretary JKPSC vide Notification No: Edu-Coll/763/Equi/2008/12; Dated: 16-03-2012. It may be apposite to mention here that both categories of students are eligible for the faculty position in either of the departments of University of Kashmir, in particular , and for the posts/positions of Biochemistry in other universities .There have been even recent appointments by the JKPSC of the clinical biochemistry candidates against the biochemistry posts at various places within the state. In addition, there are many contractuals already working against biochemistry posts in different colleges and higher secondary schools across the state with a background in either of the subject.
While preparing the statistics, we found that almost every appointee from either clinical biochemistry or biochemistry background is working against the biochemistry posts within colleges and higher secondary schools which leaves no room or confusion for the fact that biochemistry and clinical biochemistry are separate subjects and mutually exclusive but are one and the same.
The clunky scenario created by these pretentious generic propositions has led to a state of capriciousness among the biochemistry fraternity of the state and is sucking away the relevance of institutions of learning, government, justice, and morality. Recently in 2016, the J&K High Court also gave directions to J&K PSC to conduct interviews of Clinical Biochemistry students for the post of Assistant Professors in Biochemistry and the directions were implemented in letter and spirit by this prestigious recruiting agency and the interview of the candidates was conducted. As the facts are crystal clear as already mentioned above like the equivalence of PG in biochemistry and clinical biochemistry by the top institutions concerned with this process directly, appointments of clinical biochemistry candidates against biochemistry positions both by JKPSC and JK Higher Education Department and recruitment of many contractuals in colleges and schools of clinical biochemistry candidates against biochemistry positions clearly defines that the two are same and equal.
We would request all the concerned authorities that it is important to provide justice to thousands of biochemistry and clinical biochemistry candidates and to look beyond the present state of insecurity to envisage a sturdy future for the science education and development of the state and exert themselves for realizing the same. Given the above-mentioned background, it should be undoubtedly clear that the biochemistry and clinical biochemistry are one and the same and there is no need for the separate recruitment of the two. It should not be like creating hoax out of this entirely understood scenario and create a crude result being further buffed to a high redemption by a talented crew to full fill their assumptions and propaganda at the cost of innocents. All the candidates whether biochemistry and clinical biochemistry should be equally eligible for the posts advertised by JKPSC justified by the background of this writing. If corruption creeps in at this level with matter so explicitly transparent, it will never lead our state to develop empirically an influential, integral and unhindered education system already on the path to atrophy and will never let us nor generations to come to anticipate results towards the development of corruption free society. We request JKPSC, Higher Education Department and the University of Kashmir to empower the institutions of moral honesty and justice and permit us to look beyond the present state of insecurity injustice among all educationalists to envisage the spirit to serve the people of state.

—The above is in the nature of a Representation by the Biochemistry Scholars of J&K. The authors can be reached at: