Delhi using dictatorial means to suppress Kashmiris: Malik

Delhi using dictatorial means to suppress Kashmiris: Malik
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SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday termed the “so-called” Indian democracy as “a worst form of dictatorship”.
“This so-called biggest democracy believes in suppressing people’s voices by jailing, torturing and oppressing them,” Malik said while addressing people at the historic shrine Khanqah-e-Mo’alla on Friday. The shrine suffered damage during a fire incident on the intervening night of Tuesday and Wednesday.
The JKLF chief, who was accompanied by several party leaders and activists, in his address also slammed New Delhi saying it “has used every dictatorial means to suppress Kashmiri voices”. “Thousands of young and old are languishing in jails and other incarceration centers and their lives have been turned into hell,” he said.
Terming the slapping of yet another PSA on Muslim League’s incarcerated leader Masarat Alam Bhat and shifting him back to Kot Bhalwal jail, Jammu, as a “glaring act of dictatorship in the garb of so-called democracy”, JKLK chairman said, “How can Indian leaders and their Kashmiri stooges call themselves democrats when they are shamelessly using black laws like PSA to cage down their political (opponents). On daily basis, young boys and other people are being sent to jails under PSA which can only be termed as worst despotism.”
He also termed the charge-sheet against the senior resistance leader Shabir Ahmad Shah “under false charges” as “worst acts of intimidation”. He said the Government of India is using NIA and ED to “terrorise” Kashmiris. “They want to put us into submission by terrorising, arresting, jailing, maligning and oppressing but we want to tell them that Kashmiris will never bow down before their oppression and tyranny and will continue with their struggle and resistance at (any) cost,” he said.
In his address, Malik said Kashmir and Kashmiris owe so much of their religious, social and economic lives to Shah-e-Hamadan Mir Syed Ali Hamdani and his successors. He said Khanqah-e-Mo’alla is a symbol of our glorious past and prideful heritage and any harm to this structure is bound to break our hearts.
“This Khanqah is of paramount importance for every Kashmiri as it belongs to a great saint Shah-e-Hamadan (RA) who not only revolutionised our religious lives but also transformed our economy by exposing us to various new trades and means,” Malik said. “Khanqah-e-Mo’alla for us is a symbol of sacredness and spirituality and any harm or damage to it is bound to pierce our hearts and sadden us.”
Thanking Allah Almighty for “saving this sacred place” from the devastating fire, JKLF chief said, “We all must thank our Lord for granting us faith and steadfastness and saving these places of reverence for us.”

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