Lone son wishes father’s freedom on his wedding day, police respond with slapping another PSA

Lone son wishes father’s freedom on his wedding day, police respond with slapping another PSA
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Sopore: Ghulam Nabi Gojree, 50, a resident of Jamia Qadeem, Sopore, has been languishing in Kot Bhalwal jail in Jammu despite the High Court revoked his detention under notorious public safety act (PSA) twice.
The court also granted him bail a couple of times in all the cases against him filed by the Sopore Police, first in April and then in September of this year, but instead of being released, he has again been detained, without even any new charge being brought against him.
Gojree’s wife, Haleema Bano, has been fighting the case for the last one year on meagre resources but with plenty of grit. However, as soon as she receives the quash orders for his release, the Sopore police already have another PSA dossier ready with the same charges against her husband.
“After the killing of Burhan Saab (the young Hizb-ul-Mujahideen commander killed in July 2016), the whole of Kashmir came out on the streets in protest. So did my husband, what’s wrong in that? Burhan Saab was our hero, a martyr, and if protests have now stopped and the situation is favourable in Kashmir, why do they continue to keep my husband in jail on fake and fabricated charges? We have suffered a lot for the last one year, how much more do the Sopore police want us to suffer? This seriously is an extreme level of cruelty,” lamented Haleema Bano.
“When Valley-wide protests broke out against the killing of Burhan Saab last year, government forces started raiding our house to arrest my husband. Every time they came to our house, my husband was not at home, but in end October last year, he was one day busy at home with his labour work. The forces came there and arrested him; they kept him in Tarzoo police station of Sopore for four days before shifting him to Kot Bhalwal jail in Jammu under PSA,” Haleema continued.
The new PSA dossier by the Sopore police against Ghulam Nabi Gojree suggests that after his release from detention, he did not mend his ways and remained continuously indulging in criminal activities. “[You] are a dedicated/staunch member of Tehreek-i-Hurriyat–G and remained wholly and solely responsible for disturbing peace and tranquillity of area of Sopore during unrest of the year 2016” the charges read. “You are presently trying to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of Sopore area and are motivating the gullible youth area for creating law and order incidents.”
Haleema Bano denies the police claim saying her husband was already languishing in Kot Bhalwal jail in Jammu for last one year and has not been released for a single day. “How come he is presently involved in any unlawful activity? These are all lies,” she says.
The Hurriyat-G too denies the Sopore police claims. Senior Tehreek-e-Hurriyat-G member Wali Mohammad Shah rejected the claim that Gojree is a staunch Hurriyat-G member.
In a bitter irony, Gojree’s son, 26-year-old Javid Ahmad Gojree, is getting married on November 18 and wishes strongly that his father was present for this important occasion of his life. While Javid will be entering the new phase of his life, his father will not be there to give his blessings to him.
“We tried our best to get my father released for my marriage, even his fourth PSA was revoked by the High Court last month, but instead of releasing him, they shifted him to Churoo police station of Sopore for some days before he was sent to Kot Bhalwal jail in Jammu last week, without informing us. This is the fifth time they have sent my father to Kot Bhalwal Jail under PSA. During his stay in Churoo police station, we tried our best to get him released, we even begged the Sopore police to at least release him for his son’s marriage, but they didn’t agree and slapped one more PSA against my father,” Javid Ahmad told Kashmir Reader.