Cooperatives to get necessary equipments, logistic support

Cooperatives to get necessary equipments, logistic support
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Budgam: Additional Registrar Cooperative Societies Kashmir Mohammad Majeeb-ur-Rahman on Thursday said that all the cooperative societies working throughout the state will be provided “all necessary equipments and all the logistic support” to make them “fully digitised”.
Speaking during the 64th National Cooperative Week said that “we will provide all the logistic facilities to these societies working on grassroots level that include power, computer and internet facilities to make them fully digitised”.
National Cooperative Week is celebrated every year all over India from 14th of November to 20th of November.
“The National Cooperative Week is a weeklong celebration during which the cooperative societies take part to increase the public awareness by organising events like debates, seminars, discussions, etc.,” Javaid Ahmad Banday, a senior supervisor said.
He added that all the cooperative institutions are given a new opportunity during the whole week in order to evaluate their growth, problems as well as emphasise great achievements.
Inspector Cooperative Beerwah Ghulam Mohiuddin on the occasion said that it aims at involving general public to get aware about the new economic model.
He added that the societies have become the “largest cooperative movement in the world” as National Cooperative Week has been joined by 6 lakh cooperative societies.
“As it has a huge network and plays an essential role towards the economy, rural credit, fisheries, storage, labour, consumer, housing, fertiliser marketing, etc.,” Javaid added.
Cooperative societies of different areas such as consumer business, agriculture, education, dairy, poultry, banking, and micro credit are getting registered by the cooperative departments.
“The aim and objective of cooperative societies is to develop the societies socially and economically as well. The involvement of youth and to check and maintain the exorbitant rates is also among the main objectives of cooperative societies,” Javaid added.



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