Urs of Hazrat Abu Sakinder Ali Shah observed in Bhaderwah

Urs of Hazrat Abu Sakinder Ali Shah observed in Bhaderwah
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BHADERWAH: The annual urs of sufi saint Abu Sakinder Ali Shah Bhagdadi Sahib (RA) was celebrated with religious fervour in Bhaderwah with people thronging the shrine of the saint at Masjid Mohalla.
Special prayers were held on the occasion along with recitation of Quran and Naat.
Every year thousands of devotees irrespective of religion and region throng the shrine to pay reverence to the saint and seek his blessings.
The township had been given a facelift by the Municipal Committee Bhaderwah to give a festive look on the urs. A cleanliness drive was also undertaken.
Religious scholars threw light on the life, religious services, and spiritual strength of the revered Islamic scholar and saint who had devoted his whole life to the service of people and preaching of Islam.
Religion has been central to life in Bhaderwah and Kishtwar hills for long. Historical manuscripts written mostly in Persian maintain that Sufism flourished in Chenab Valley during the 15 century when sufi saints from various parts of India arrived in Doda. These saints propagated Islam and value based education among the people of all religions, castes and creeds. They taught people basics tenets of Islam and pleaded with them to come out of the darkness of illiteracy and ritualism.
They stressed on monotheism (oneness of Allah) and asked people to follow teachings of the Quran and the Hadith.