JRL slams Mehooba for ‘insulting’ Kashmiris

JRL slams Mehooba for ‘insulting’ Kashmiris

Allegations & Counter-allegations

SRINAGAR: The joint resistance leadership on Monday criticised Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for “mocking” at and “insulting” the people of Kashmir and their “supreme sacrifices” by calling them “agitators first and beggars later”.
In a statement, the leadership, comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik, said “the love for chair has completely blinded her (Mehbooba) and her ilk of opportunists to see what havoc they have wrecked upon the people of Kashmir since their alliance with the BJP”.
“Each day a new hell is let loose on the people through the various agencies of occupation that she presides over to break the will and determination of the people for demanding the just resolution of the internationally recognised Kashmir dispute as per the peoples’ will and aspirations,” the leadership said.
“It is the integrity and tremendous resilience of Kashmiri people that despite being no match for India in terms of population and resources, (they are) giving such a stiff resistance to occupation, to achieve (their) fundamental political rights as a nation.”
“(The) people of Kashmir do not need the largesse of GoI to survive, as Mehbooba Mufti suggests, and are no beggars,” the leadership said. “Once we are our own masters, our resources – both human and natural – are enough to make us prosper.”
The JRL said such “exemplary courage” can only be exhibited by a morally and ethically conscientious people striving to uphold and achieve the fundamental human principle of freedom. “But exploiters and opportunists cannot understand such things,” it said.
Geelani, Mirwaiz and Malik said that since 1947, these (pro-India) people due to “constant compromises for purely vested interests and ambitions and allurements of chair” have helped consolidate the grip of “occupation” (in Jammu Kashmir). “Had the (political, economic or ethnic) interest of Kashmiri nation ever been dear to them, they would have stood their ground for safeguarding it and (would) not (have) kept compromising on it one after the other for staying in power,” the leaders said. “The situation has come to such a pass today due to their repeated betrayals for the chair (which have been such) that even the basis on which their opportunistic patrons (compromised) the future of the nation. Article 370 and Article 35A is on the verge of getting scraped for complete integration with India.”
The JRL said that as part of the “ploy” to break the resolve of the people and crush the movement, a multipronged strategy based on the use of extreme force and coercion was adopted by the Government of India (GoI), particularly after entering into a power alliance with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
“Propaganda as a war weapon (has been) vigorously promoted against people while leadership (is) persecuted and harassed through NIA and other agencies leading to illegal detention of some in jails. CASO (is) launched to persecute people in villages, especially as a witch hunt against the youth,” the leadership said.
The JRL said a “false binary” between tourism and terrorism had been created to target those associated with trade and tourism in order to break the back of both these industries. “To further dent the local trading market and create a fear psychosis among the people, (the) shameless act of braid chopping was undertaken and given the name of ‘hysteria’. Instead of feeling ashamed that not even one culprit was brought to book for attacking the dignity of our women and traumatising them, Mehbooba Mufti is justifying the act casually as something that happens elsewhere.”
“(The) people of Kashmir bore the brunt of all these extreme repressive measures with such bravery and resilience that GoI was compelled to relook at its policy on Kashmir. No segment of society succumbed to this tremendous pressure,” the leadership said.
The leadership expressed surprise and dismay that some traders and members of the business community played into the hands of the “collaborators” and gave them an opportunity to “insult the supreme sacrifices offered by the nation”.
As the “collective custodians of the sacrifices of the nation”, the JRL asked people to “be cautious and refrain from providing any opportunity to collaborators to insult and mock us and to expect no help from them as has been proven time and again.”


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