Vendors dump sand, gravel and bricks on Doda Thatri road, block movement of vehicles

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DODA: Vendors, who sell construction material like sand, bricks, steel rods and gravel, have occupied large parts of Doda-Thatri road, much to the detriment of commercial and private vehicles playing in the area.
While the road has turned dusty, causing severe health risks for commuters, bricks and steel rods placed on the road burst tyres. Sand and gravel, drivers complain, cause the vehicles to skid.
Serious accidents have been reported from Doda district because of the building material that leaves little space for vehicles.
“Sand and gravel has made the road dusty. Clouds of dust rise after every vehicle. One can’t breathe, but I guess there is no value for human life here,” Atiqa Bano, a passanger said.
The district administration Doda has directed builders and contractors, who sell sand in Doda district, not to use road space to store construction material. It has warned of action against such encroachment, but implementation on ground is missing.
A Journalist of Chenab Valley Mohd Majid Malik said, “I visited Doda-Thatri road some days back and found that construction material especially sand and gravel was everywhere. Safety component was missing.”
He said there was no check by administration on contractors, who ignore all safety measures.