Pattan and Sangrama markets give tough time to Baramulla passengers

Baramulla: Manoeuvering the marketplaces in Pattan and Sangrama often turns into a nightmare for commuters and drivers of the vehicles traveling on Srinagar-Baramulla highway on daily basis.
The drivers of the passenger vehicles blame the private cars for the traffic mess while the drivers of the private vehicles say that the passenger vehicles move at a sluggish pace in order to fill their capacity.
The commuters say that several vehicles are parked haphazardly in the markets, which makes the passage of other vehicles difficult. The people blamed that personnel of traffic department do not control the traffic on the road due to which passengers are stuck for long hours. They face difficulties in reaching their offices and workplaces. The students and teachers are particularly facing the brunt of these snarls as they report the educational institutions quite late. The people appealed to the authorities to take cognizance of the issue and deploy manpower to tide over the situation at a time when the duration of days has drastically reduced.