Farooq must stop being a political joker: Malik

Farooq must stop being a political joker: Malik
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SRINAGAR: Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Saturday asked National Conference (NC) president Farooq Abdullah to shun his “political joker like approach” and assume “some seriousness”.
He said Kashmiris never take the words and personality of Farooq Abdullah seriously and he has always resorted to “non-serious” and “selfish politics”.
Reacting to Abdullah’s statement on Saturday that “independent Kashmir was not a reality”, Malik termed it as “absurd and non-serious”.
“To remain in news, Farooq Abdullah always issues controversial statements like these but (the) people of Jammu Kashmir are fully aware of his irresponsible character, his non-seriousness and the level to which he can stoop (low) for his selfish gains,” Malik said in a statement, adding that due to these facts, no one takes him seriously.
“In fact, Farooq Abdullah and his late father have been doing politics in the name of freedom of Kashmir for a long time and it was he (Farooq) who in 1974 from Lal Chowk Srinagar floated the slogan of ‘Choan Desh Mueon Desh Kashur Desh Kashur Desh’ and even participated in pro-freedom rallies in Mirpur Azad Kashmir, but afterwards these very people for their lust of power and for serving their own selfish benefits shunned the path of freedom, sacrificed the interests of Kashmiris and till date are, with their full family, enjoying the fruits of petty power and authority,” Malik said.
Rejecting the idea of “so-called” autonomy for Jammu Kashmir, JKLF chairman said Kashmiris have not sacrificed thousands of lives for a “so-called fragile, absurd and ridiculous autonomy under which a prime minster of time – who luckily was Farooq Abdullah sahib’s own father – was handcuffed by an ordinary policeman and thrown into jail for 11 long years”.
“The resistance against the illegal Indian occupation will continue till the achievement of the desired goal,” Malik said.