Buchwara residents demand closure of liquor shop

Buchwara residents demand closure of liquor shop
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SRINAGAR: Scores of residents from Buchwara area of Dalgate on Friday took out a protest march demanding the closure of a liquor shop in the area. The protestors marched from their colony after Friday prayers and stopped on the main road while chanting pro-Islam slogans. The protest witnessed participation of youth as well as senior citizens.
The protesters demanded blanket ban on the sale of liquor as Jammu and Kashmir is a Muslim majority state. “The head of our state is also Muslim so she should close all the shops involved in business of liquor trade,” a protester who identified himself as Mohmmad Ahnar said. Another protestor said that government wants youth to progress “which cannot be achieved until liquor shops are banned”.
“How can youth progress when their minds will be occupied by liquor?” he said.
Abid Ahmad, another protester, said that the residents of the area are facing various issues due to the presence of liquor shop. “It’s a tourist hub and when drunk tourists come out of their hotels or houseboats they urinate in the open, making difficult for women to come out of their homes,” Abid said. “If government really wants our youth to progress then they should close all liquor shops across the state, and if they want to ruin their lives then government should open more liquor shops in the Valley,” Ahmad added. The protesters asked government to take the example to Bihar and see how its Chief Minister Nitesh Kumar imposed blanked ban on the sale of liquor which reduced crime rate in the state.


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