The Secret of Business Success in Kashmir: Never Give up and Have Faith in the Almighty!

The Secret of Business Success in Kashmir: Never Give up and Have Faith in the Almighty!
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By Tajamul Islam Salroo

After completing my Bachelor’s in 2003, I , along with a couple of my batch-mates looked for a job and soon started working in a national level automobile company for year and a half. This was followed by a project-based work associated to Rural Development Department for almost the same period. In the beginning of the year 2007 as I was planning to move out to the Middle-East , where my cousin was already settled. I got a phone call from a businessman of the unorganized sector who wanted to fix a meeting with me to discuss the viability of his shelved project the DPR of which was made by him way back in the year 2004.
I came to know that he wanted to start a dairy processing business in the valley. On examining the DPR, I found it both interesting as well challenging and I agreed to be a part of it. I took up the full responsibility and authority to carry it forward with a mission. Within a year of ultimate hard-work the dairy manufacturing unit was established in all its forms of perfection and it was commissioned in the year 2008. Undoubtedly it was an achievement for me as it was the biggest project I had handled so far and one that turned out to be a success.
On perceiving my skill, knowledge, energy, honesty, dedication, determination and discipline I was offered the position of General Manager in the said firm with a lot of pleasant promises for my healthy future to which I again agreed with a positive hope for a satisfactory career growth. I developed a team that was required to carry-out the day-to-day operations and headed it with all my will, right, skill and facilitation so as to get the business going in a convincing and professional way. I kept going with a goal and never looked back. Devoting of all my time, utmost skill and ultimate knowledge finally paid off and the business grew.
My growth, both in status as well as in assets, has always been my vision and I have been working for it constantly, leaving no stone unturned. I controlled, I trained, I disseminated the knowledge and skill, I gave my hundred percent so as to take the business to the zenith of success. And, Alhamdulillah I was successful in my hard-work.
Time passed by and somewhere I felt a slow career growth in comparison to the surroundings and thus developed a business inquisition. Besides I developed an interest for a Business Administration course and Alhamdulillah I did my MBA through Indira Gandhi National Open University. The course really helped me in honing my professional skills. Soon I formulated a business plan, did its documentation and initiated its process of construction when in the midst of it , the Almighty had something else in store for me. Ultimately his power of persuasion won and I surprisingly partnered with the same businessman whom I worked with for the last many years. We set up a semi-automatic bread manufacturing plant. Alhamdulillah we were able to settle the liabilities in three years due to the turbulent conditions of valley that have constantly been pushing our business to the crests and troughs of different magnitudes.
The conditions in Kashmir have given me a stark realization that to run a business atmosphere needs to be very conducive and peaceful otherwise it can be quite difficult to meet the required set targets. Though we are carrying our businesses here in Kashmir in all the strength we have it would have been much satisfying had the situation been right. It would be in place to advise it to aspirants to take due consideration of the conditions while making preparations for your businesses. Moreover, due to instability it takes more time to liquidate the debts for which a business aspirant has to be mentally prepared beforehand.
A businessman from Kashmir has to be tolerant enough to bear the hiccups of kinds to which we have now become quite used to. And, apart from political instability , the new GST regime has now added to the miseries of industrialists and start-ups. We must say that it is the help from Almighty that we are doing good in our businesses; otherwise conditions are really adverse. May Allah be with us always!
I would like to end it up with a quote of Tom Freston, “A career path is rarely a path at all. A more interesting life is usually a more crooked, winding path of missteps, luck and vigorous work. It is almost a clumsy balance between the things you try to make happen and the things that happen to you.”

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