Kashmir part of Pakistan, Two-Nation Theory absolutely true: Geelani, Sehrai

Kashmir part of Pakistan, Two-Nation Theory absolutely true: Geelani, Sehrai
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Srinagar: Syed Ali Geelani and his deputy, Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai, on Thursday said that Jammu and Kashmir was “naturally a part of Pakistan”.
The duo, who met after a long time, said this at a seminar held by Tehreek-e-Hurriyat to commemorate the 140th birth anniversary of poet Sir Muhammad Iqbal. In their speeches, the two leaders said that Iqbal’s “Two-Nation Theory” was being proved each day by the ruling BJP government in Delhi.
The statement of Geelani and his deputy comes in the wake of Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Abbasi saying, “I do not see Kashmir being independent.”
Geelani rued in his speech that the past leaders of J&K could not foresee the consequences of J&K becoming part of India. “Whatever is happening now, the killings, injuries, arrests, is because of this unnatural alliance of Muslim Kashmir with Hindu Rashtra,” he said. “This is despite the fact that six lakh Muslims were butchered by the Hindu army in Jammu itself, but the leaders could not see it,” he said, without naming the Kashmir leader of that time.
Referring to the statement of Government of India’s interlocutor for Kashmir, Dineshwar Sharma, that the situation in Kashmir could be “like that of Syria”, Geelani said, “This is part of the same ideology that targets Islam.”
“The two-nation theory is a reality today as it was then (in 1947),” he said, adding, “It (two-nation theory) is the only reality.”
Sehrai also revealed in his speech that last year, in 2016, a guest arrived at his Baghat residence. “Wearing a long gown, he identified himself as an RSS man who had to come know what my stand is,” Sehrai said. “He talked about the making of Hindu Rashtra, and how Kashmir, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other nations were part of it.”
“My response to this RSS man was clear: J&K never was and never is part of India,” Sehrai said. “The idea of Hindu Rashtra must not be beyond Pathankot. Our culture and traditions identify with Pakistan.”
“We are fighting a justified struggle for which we have given numerous sacrifices; chastity of our women was robbed and eyesight of our youth taken away by pellets,” Sehrai said that he told the RSS man. “He did not take tea but while leaving, the RSS man said: you (Kashmiris) will get something.”
Lashing out at the rulers of Pakistan for failing to live up to the expectations of the nation’s founders, Sehrai said, “Our fight is for establishing such a system which will ensure justice in all walks of life…. The rulers (of Pakistan) are Satan who did not work on making this great nation a theocratic one but are engaged in their own despotic policies. The Quaid (Muhammad Ali Jinnah) was such a visionary that he had told Muslims that their future was not secure and now everyday he is being proved right.”
“The current system of Pakistan is worth criticism but we have no right to question its creation and the two-nation theory,” Sehrai said.
In his address, Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chief Mohammad Yasin Malik urged unity among the resistance leadership.
“Delhi is run by fascists and the Government of India has decided to make Kashmiris surrender, but we won’t,” Malik said, asking people to remain united and follow the resistance leaders.
“They failed to cow us down by killings, injuries, blindings and arrests, but now they have started targeting families of Geelani sahab and Mirwaiz,” he said. “But there was a time when people associated with the freedom movement were being killed in the 1990s. Geelani sahab was attacked many a time but we resisted and this time, too, shall pass.”
Malik said that such fear had been spread in the Valley that “no one from Hurriyat can do any activity”.
“We have youth who are emotional and they need guidance, which can only be given by elders,” Malik said.
“Youth should not think that they can decide on their own; guidance and advice is must,” he said. “If there is any question, meet the resistance leaders and ask them.”
He said that there was a gap between “resistance leaders and youth” which needed to be bridged. “GoI is exploiting this gap by saying youth of Kashmir have their own ideas,” Malik said.




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  1. Niyaz butt   September 6, 2018 at 2:35 pm

    Kashmir is pakistan. Kashmiris are pakistani. We are one body. We share one heart to love and live in peace. We share one brain so we can think as one. We share one eye sight so we can see who our enemies are. We share one religion and that is Islam. We live as one so who ever kills Kashmiris will be killing Pakistanis. So why not give up the killing fields and let us live in peace.

  2. SKChadha   July 30, 2018 at 10:13 am

    Failed narrative … 😛