NC questions arbitrary appointments on high profile posts

Srinagar: Accusing the government of “brazen nepotism” National Conference Wednesday questioned recent appointments of some “undeserving candidates” to plum posts.
Alleging that the government was throwing all rules and regulations to winds, NC Provincial Spokesperson Imran Nabi Dar said, “How come posts of director, a commissioner and other high profile appointments are being made without following the set protocol? The government is making it clear that merit has no value in the present regime.”
He said that the agenda behind bringing in such people is to pave way for adjusting more undeserving people in these so called missions and programmes.
“Media reports are full of documentary evidence exposing the rot within the administration. No sooner after one of the directors own appointment, he conducted bogus interviews to adjust more blue eyed people in the said mission,” the spokesperson said.
NC demanded that the government comes out with an explanation as to how and why such appointments were made. “People have a right to know why this government is hell-bent on corroding the laid down rules of appointments. What was the claim of the recently elevated candidates to such posts.”
NC alleged that the recent appointments have bred anger and frustration in the KAS officers.