Kashmir resolution lies in respecting people’s sentiment: Jama’at

Kashmir resolution lies in respecting people’s sentiment: Jama’at

Advises interlocutor to convince India to accept ground realities

SRINAGAR: Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir strongly believes that all the complex issues of the world can be resolved through dialogue provided the parties show sincerity start it with the determination to reach a just conclusion.
Further, the stronger party show due regard to the principles of justice and expresses its will to accept to just cause of the weaker party.
The Indian governme had made a pledge before the United Nations Security Council through a number of resolutions that as soon as the congenial atmosphere is established, the people of the entire J&K would be given a free chance to choose their political future but despite the passage of a long period of seventy years, this chance is yet to be provided to the oppressed people.
Now the government of India is denying even the disputed nature of Kashmir. The special status given to Jammu and Kashmir with legal sanctities has also been gradually eroded to the point of its becoming ineffective. This attitude can neither help in establishing the durable peace nor make any change in the present uncertain scenario here. Under these circumstances, it is indispensable to accept the real nature of the Issue and take concrete steps for its permanent and just resolution. By applying the military might or implementing the black laws, the durable peace has never been so far established nor there is any such possibility in the future. But the best way to establish peace is to accept the ground reality and allow the oppressed people to decide their fate ultimately in a fair and democratic atmosphere. To exercise this just option all the three parties to the dispute-India, Pakistan and Kashmiri people should sit together to find a solution acceptable to the concerned people and fulfilling their aspirations.
Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir always advocates the resolution of all international complex issues through sincere and meaningful dialogue and this is its avowed stand regarding the Kashmir issue too. At this juncture, when the Indian interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma has reached the valley with some agenda, Jama’at considers it proper to reiterate its stand that the final solution to the Kashmir issue can be sort by honoring the aspirations of the concerned people. The procedure for reaching a just conclusion can either be adopted as given in the UNSC resolutions or all the three parties can by mutual deliberations find a viable way. Jama’at also advises. Dineshwar Sharma to impress the government of India to adopt this methodology so that without wasting the time and economy, this long standing human and political issue can be resolved forever keeping the ground realities and wishes of the entire people of J&K in view.


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