Death Keeps no Calendar!

Death Keeps no Calendar!

By Jahangeer Lone

It is very disheartening, horrific and an extremely painful moment when you lose your loved one. It will break you at each and every step of your life, when you remember the time you spent together. The gossips, smiles, tears and picnics you did together will bathe you in tears. In both sudden and anticipated death, there is pain. However it is more excruciating when the death is sudden. The death of a loved one is an event that all of us is likely to experience during our lifetimes often on numerous occasions. When we lose someone we love, it distorts our universe, mind and peace and nothing seems right. It is the will of Almighty Allah. No one can replace it. We feel an irretrievable void when someone from an inmate universe leave us.
I have a personal tale of sorrow and loss to narrate. The whole of our entire area was shocked and stunned when we heard the sudden death of our two heroes- Ishfaq Bashir Bhat and Syed Naseer Shah in two separate road accidents. Syed Naseer passed away almost a month before the departure of Ishfaq Bashir.
Ishfaq Bashir, 23, was a student of MCA at the Kashmir University. He was a cool, soft tempered, loving, gentle and simple guy with an optimistic mind. He was very dear to me. Ishfaq was about complete his Masters degree, but unfortunately he couldn’t. The scythe of death took him away. I was bewildered and broken, when I received a sudden, shocking phone call from a friend about Ishfaq’s accident. After the sleepless night, I was about to call this friend to enquire the condition of Ishfaq Bashir, but before this my phone rang and a terrified voice said that , “he is no more”. (Sigh!)
Before I could say anything, my friend dropped the phone. I was stunned, shocked, and saddened.. For a moment, I thought I was in the midst of a horrible nightmare and pinched myself with trembled hands. I couldn’t control my tears. As I arrived at Ishfaq’s home, he was being snatched away from his wailing mother by pallbearers. Everyone men, women, children and aged were shrieking, wailing, and grieving over his sudden departure. At the Nimaz-e-Jinazah, the Imam Sahib praised him and prayed for his eternal rest in peace. He was buried with the moist eyes.
Another heartbreaking incident occurred on the day of Arfah- a day before Eid-ul-Azha. Syed Naseer Shah alias Setha was very charming, caring, affectionate, lovey-dovey, noble, dashing and magnanimous teenager. He was an undergraduate student enrolled in a local Degree College. Setha was very fond of motorcycles. It was the night of Arfah when I heard the doleful news that Syed Naseer was no more. He had died in a tragic road accident. Setha was on his way home just after dropping his friend at his residence, but the Benevolent God had some other plans. Setha fell from his motorcycle and collapsed on the spot. He was rushed to SKIMS where he was declared brought dead. He was a friendly, helpful, courageous and confident boy. The word hatred was missing in Setha’s dictionary.
Usually, grief fades away with time, but their loss has created a permanent void in our lives.
(May Almighty Allah give them the highest place in Jannah)

—The author hails from Gund, Ganderbal and can be reached at:

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