Boy develops browser, dedicates to Kashmiri netizens

Boy develops browser, dedicates to Kashmiri netizens
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SRINAGAR: A young software developer from Kashmir has designed a web browser just like any other browsers available on internet, for the netizens in Kashmir.
Titled as ‘Kashmir Society Browser’, the browser has been created by Shahzad Saleem, a 26- year old software developer. He took two months to develop the browser.
A resident of Bemina, Saleem has been working extensively since past few months to develop web browsers and other daily-use applications exclusively for the Kashmiri audience.
In the aforementioned browser which is around 17 megabytes in size, Saleem has already stored web addresses of organizations, particularly of news outlets, frequently accessed by netizens here for information, entertainment and knowledge especially about Kashmir.
“The idea to develop a (web) browser came to my mind when I observed that there are no browser(s) developed and used in Kashmir. Moreover, the netizens here have different taste than the ones where the browser is developed and keeping that in mind, I decided to develop Kashmir’s own web browser,” says Saleem.
The developer has given the browser a Kashmiri color by feeding in famous wed addresses of Kashmiri organizations as bookmarks where users can access these websites with a single click. The browser has been made available on internet like Google Play store can be easily downloaded by users that too free of cost.
Saleem, who is also practicing Law at lower court Bemina, says that he is still working on this browser to add more features to it and make it more user-friendly and fast searching browser.
“The browser has got many thousand downloads so far from the Google Play and I am trying to make it available on other platforms free of cost. A friend of mine will be assisting me in this process,” says Saleem.
Saleem has simple software developing course that he has done in one of private institutions in Srinagar but believes that more than the theory of developing browsers, the practical work that he was doing at home has helped him more in developing this browser.



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