Hold police responsible for DySP lynching: Defence lawyer

Hold police responsible for DySP lynching: Defence lawyer
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Srinagar: The defence lawyer in the lynching case of DSP Muhammad Ayub Pandith Friday told the court that police should be held responsible for the lynching as around a dozen policemen and CRPF personnel were deputed at Jamia Masjid on the night of incident.
Advocate Nazir Ahmed Ronga asked why the policemen on duty watched as mute spectators and not help their colleague.
He added that the “contradictory statements” given by prosecution witnesses “substantiates that it is a false case and has no ground for the truth,” Ronga submitted.
Pointing out police contradictions, Ronga said, “One statement said we came to know in the morning and other statement says that at around 12:45 hours, Dysp has been lynched. Which statement to believe, where police itself doesn’t know who has been killed.”
“Some said that they couldn’t identify that the person who is attacked before mob was DySP. Some said that they knew it was DySP but couldn’t save him in the fear of getting themselves attacked by the mob. Who will help the society if they are not able to help their person? Why didn’t they contact the police personnel around with the help of mobile phones to get help?” Ronga said.
He added that witnesses were also confused about the mob attack.
“Some said that people with lathis and stones beat him. Another set of witnesses has said that people equipped with iron water pipe attacked him. Other set of witnesses has said that people were beating the deceased by fists and blows, which caused his death.”
Claiming the statement of witnesses as “fabricated stories”, Ronga argues that police has arrested false people in the case.
“Police wasn’t able to identify whether the person is DySP or not, how come they were able to identify the people who were part of the mob,” he said.
Further, he said witnesses have given different spot of occurrence of the incident. “Some said, it happened at Nowhatta Chowk, some said inside the mosque and some are stating outside the mosque.”
Further, FSL has returned an iron rod – that police claimed to have blood stains and finger prints- with the report that no blood stains or finger prints were found on the rod.


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