Sikh motorcyclists recall 1984 riots

Sikh motorcyclists recall 1984 riots
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Srinagar: A few motorcyclists from the United Sikh Forum (USF) made several rounds of the city, to remember the people killed in anti-Sikh riots in response to the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards in 1984.
The motorcyclists hung banners with slogans like “Never Forget 1984. Sikh Holocaust Ethnic Cleansing of Sikhs in 1984. 38000 Sikhs were killed in genocide by Indian Government” on the front of their two wheelers and drove through various routes of the city individually.
Manmeet Singh, one of the biker who registered his protest at press enclave in Srinagar said that they were protesting against Indian Government who killed and massacred thousands of Sikhs in 1984.
“If Mahatma Ghandi and Rajiv Ghandi were killed by Hindus then why did not anyone attack and kill Hindus? Was Indian government sleeping for four days when 60000 Sikhs were killed?” he said.
Singh said that they (Sikh Community) have been demanding justice from a very long time but no action is being taken against those who committed a crime.
“We want Supreme Court to take serious note of it and book the culprits who planned the massacre,” he said adding, “Those responcible for the massacre should not be allowed to be the member of any political party or given any high post.”
Singh said that government should punish them so as to maintain unity among the people.
“To maintain unity within the people of different religion delivering justice is important. Had the culprits of 1984 riots been punished Gujarat massacre would not have taken place and had those who planned Gujarat massacre been punished Muzafar Nagar massacre would not have taken place,” he said.



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