Private Sector in Kashmir is Oppressive and Exploitative

Private Sector in Kashmir is Oppressive and Exploitative

By Sheikh Abid

Who in this whole world does not want to be successful?
Everyone struggles and strives hard to get a successful future .People eventually find ways to counter the hardships and try to overcome the difficulties along the path. One such tenacious task is finding a job after completing education because it is ultimately the last thing in our planned list of survival. Getting a government job in India, in general, and Kashmir , in particular, is becoming an unattainable dream nowadays. It is only then when a helpless qualified person, after failing to get a decent job for himself, lands in the island of the private sector.
According to the Information provided by the Employment Department of J & K, there are 1.5 lakh educated unemployed registered with various employment exchanges in Jammu and Kashmir. Similarly , according to an independent report , there are more than 8 lakh unemployed educated youth in J & K.(in the age bracket of18-29).
The reasons of this hike in statistics are many: from government failing to implement strategic employment policies for youth, to the conflict and non existence of an industrial setup. Around this whole scenario there are some contemptible and mean elements in private sector- be it private schools, call centers, BPO’s ,advertising setups ,marketing organizations and similar other so called job providers who are not only taking undue advantage of the compulsion of these qualified young people are being treated in a most pathetic, callous and unprofessional way.
A person with a Masters degree is being forced to teach 5 classes a day with hardly a break to breathe ,and is being hired on a monthly remuneration of just six thousand rupees. Similarly, a graduate working in a call centre is being chopped with the targets, parameters and what not ? The same trend follows all other privately run blood sucking agencies with slight alterations. Although there are several laws having provisions to safeguard the interests of private sector employees but these are observed in the breach.
We have employment exchanges and labour offices at every district level but they are there mostly just in name. It is only because of administrative faults young talent gets diminished in the vortex of helplessness and hopelessness. Nobody monitors the functioning of those vampires and vultures who are busy in imbibing young blood.
The need of the hour is to address the issue of these private sector employees, listen to their pleas ,create a separate grievance redressing bodies who will help resolve their problems

—The author has done an M.A in Journalism from MERC, Kashmir University. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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