Microbiologists rue govt apathy towards subject

Microbiologists rue govt apathy towards subject

Demand introduction of microbiology in colleges and higher secondary schools

SRINAGAR: Demanding introduction of microbiology as a subject at higher secondary and college levels, J&K Microbiology Association (JKMBA) Tuesday expressed dismay over what it called the apathetic approach of government.
“We have been striving for its (microbiology) introduction as a separate subject for decades but nothing has been done so far despite assurances from the government officials. Almost 54 subjects are being taught in in Kashmir but microbiology stands ignored,” Abdul Rouf, general secretary of JKMBA said.
He said that though the Board of School Education (BOSE) introduced microbiology in 2008 but “they only list it on date sheet, on ground it is nowhere”.
In the examination date sheets of BOSE, microbiology is listed as additional subject with a separate date for examination but the association of microbiologists says the government has not created any posts for the subject.
Nissar Ahmad, another microbiologist with a doctorate in microbiology said that they have been pursuing the demand for introduction of the subject at 10+2 for two decades.
“I on behalf of whole association request government create the posts in all the secondary schools and colleges,” he said.
The association said that many committees have strongly recommended the popularisation and promotion of microbiology subject.
“But in our state, nothing has been done in this regard,” they said. “Since 2008, various representations were made with the concerned authorities. But unfortunately microbiology is yet to be implemented at +2 level in J&K.”
“The file is pending at government offices and has gathered a layer of dust,” Rouf said adding that many students in Higher Secondary institutions of Jammu and Kashmir are interested in approaching for opting microbiology.


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