Al-Quran on Murder(ers)

Al-Quran on Murder(ers)

By Hilal Ahmad Tantry

Evil thoughts come in the minds of men, by virtue of their being human. These thoughts, when worked on, take the form of desire , which in turn, gets translated into an action. Basically, evil thoughts are not bad per se; the reasons pertain to the fact that if viewed properly these provide an opportunity to people to strength and purify their selves in confronting with the elements which are disastrous for the survival of mankind.
Once upon a time, a man took the life of another out of his unjustified and evil thoughts. There occurred unrest in the society. It leads to the disruption of normalcy. The general phenomenon of equality was violated, since the powerful subjugated the position of powerless. Thus, for creating a just society, it was imperative to take the life of the murderer. Instability was not to be given “air of fire”. The nobles of the society who were the murderers of society were providing another men, often slaves and females to reciprocate themselves, since these two were considered low in terms of importance and status. Thu, s it was obliged to take the life of a man who was killing the men of society.
Obliged are you,
To take the life of a murderer.
Freeman for freeman, slave for slave and female for female.
However, if the guilty after being taken rigorously and the society has decided to take his life against the guilt he has committed, but the loss bearer has decided to forgive him, that can also be the highest level of spreading love and harmony, though this is not mandatory. It just teaches the lesson to the believers to keep their hearts wide open for the one who is ashamed of his wrong doing and has refrained from that.
However for your brother,
You may want to forgive.
That is the most loved thing by Him, since He Himself is the most forgiving.
Maintaining the order of society is of outmost importance to implement this kind of law; otherwise the instability of bloodbath will follow. This creates a kind of notion for the individuals to order their emotions, feelings, thoughts and actions in a way useful to the society. The evil desires will get buried and the man could achieve the highest levels of civilization.
But remember, in taking his life,
There is a life for humanity.
Never ever refrain for doing that, if you have some sense.
These directives should be taken with and open heart and implemented with full might and power. Definitely, it will go against the internal feelings of man, but for the larger and reasonable interests, these shall be obliged and respected both in letter and spirit. Man’s cerebral capacity is limited, thus there are many things which he at times cannot comprehend. There are certain things, which apparently look less useful but are more useful and vice-versa. This is the commandment with the proof of one and only thing, that how caring, loving and affectionate God is, certainly more than anyone else, more than mother.
You were ordered to struggle,
But, it gloomed you.
Remember; thing you may feel not good might be the thing best for you;
And, thing looking good might be worst for you.
You don’t know everything, only He is all knowing.
(Al-Baqara 178-179& 216)

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