The Menace of Loud Speakers in Schools

The Menace of Loud Speakers in Schools
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By Malik Javied

It is human nature to appreciate things when we lose them, but the truth is that we tend to find and discuss the loopholes in system when we are outside the system. Being an introverted student at school, I held everything equivalent to torture in school- from arrival to departure, especially in morning assembly where one had to stand on his toes in queues for almost an hour for reciting morning prayers. Then, it was followed by the program where students used to speak on a topic of their interest. Though, I never spoke, because I usually used to bunk morning assembly under the pretext of excuses being ill (common excuse) or traffic jam (reserved excuse). Our usual class work used to start at 10:30 am, but many a time, our morning assembly used to go far beyond 10:30. Being young and naïve, we considered it as moment of joy as we didn’t had to face wrath of our strict Mathematics teacher, but in the end, we had to bear brunt of it by falling short of completing our syllabus.
Time has moved on. I am a university postgraduate now and am preparing for civil services at my, home which is located barely few miles from a Government Higher Secondary School. To my dismay, my studying schedule coincides with Morning Assembly (which reverberates on loudspeakers) in this school. Every time, the high decibel noise of loudspeakers overpowers my concentration and I have to give up before it by closing my books and leaning on my back against a cushion, covering my eyes with crossed fingers till it ends after an hour. There is so much of pandemonium and cacophony created by these loudspeakers that sometimes, I can’t help myself in fixing cotton balls in my ears. Mine is the case of person who is healthy physically, biologically and mentally, by grace of the Almighty, I can’t gauge the pain and irritation caused to those people who are not in a good state of health.
The Irony is that every year on 5 June, on the eve of environmental day, our schools, from every nook and cranny come on roads with banners and placards bearing emboldened slogans in favor of environmental protection and curbing pollution. It seems pollution only means air pollution to them. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that noise pollution is also environmental pollution of which they are the main sources by using high decibel loudspeakers for every school gathering and function.
I don’t have any problem with the morning assembly in schools. But, I have a problem with these constantly disturbing loudspeakers in schools installed on tall trees and buildings so as to disturb whole population in locality Ok, let them recite morning prayers on loudspeakers but there should be some time limit from on it. It seems to me that nowadays, our teachers are too obsessed with preaching drawn-out lectures on Microphone. They don’t give it up unless, they are not tired of talking or some technical fault creeps in microphone. They forget it’s not the pulpit of the Mosque where you can preach for hours as people are sitting comfortably under fans. It’s the question of innocent students, who have to listen to these monotonous sermons under open sky by sitting on the ground for hours.
So, it is my humble request to the administration, for heaven’s sake, to put an end to this menace of loudspeaker culture in Schools.
Post script: As I finished this piece of writing, a nearby private school has just finished with its Annual Day celebrations. These had started in the morning amid the buzz of loud speakers and lasted till the muezzin called for Maghrib prayers

—The author is an M sc in Chemistry and is NET/SLET qualified. He author can be reached at: