RSS sincere about Hinduism, doesn’t deceive people by secularism: Qasim

RSS sincere about Hinduism, doesn’t deceive people by secularism: Qasim
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SRINAGAR: Every state and government follows the religion of the majority and the right-wing Hindu nationalist party Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat is right in saying that India is a Hindu country, said Ameer Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) Muhammad Qasim on Sunday.
“RSS is sincere about Hinduism and Hindu India and doesn’t deceive people by secularism. India has been a Hindu Rashtra in the past, continues to be so, and will be the same in future as well,” he said.
In a statement, Qasim however said Muslims and Dalits are being persecuted in India ever since RSS came into power.
He said Muslims are living in a constant fear and the Indian “hyper-nationalism” has overwhelmed the country’s politics, economy, society, education and media. “But this is only one aspect of this scenario. This has proved it again that no country in the world can truly be secular even if its constitution is secular,” he said.
The MDM chief said the ‘secular nation of India’ as said by some Muslim circles and moderate Hindu liberals has become irrelevant. “The way the Hindu majority in India rewarded the executer of Gujarat pogrom Narendra Modi by electing him as the prime minister of India shows the thinking trends in Hindu India. Modi has also lived up to the expectations of Hindu majority by forming a Muslim free government,” he said.
Qasim said India has evolved as a Hindu Rashtra in the world and thus the political vision of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Muhammad Ali Jinnah has been proved right. He said the “excesses” being meted out to Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir under the rule of PDP and RSS (sic) are more haunting than the torture created out by the “peace brigade of NC and Kukka Parray”. “This is one aspect of this government; the other aspect is that it has brought out the real face of India and those people who would advocate India in Kashmir are now finding it difficult to speak for India.”
“Some educated youth who would term the ideas of freedom and sovereignty as archaic ideas in presence of IMF and UNO have now realised that freedom is not just in the spheres of politics and economy but in the fields of religion, culture, education and identity also and Muslims in Kashmir cannot safeguard their identity under Hindu Indian rule. Therefore we see an awakening in the youth regarding the freedom struggle.”
“The tyranny of PDP and RSS (sic) combine is just one aspect; this tyranny has helped people in understanding the real face of India and its stooge organisations in Jammu and Kashmir,” the MDM chief said.

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