Have worked out formula to weed out separatism: Madhav

Have worked out formula to weed out separatism: Madhav
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Srinagar: Asserting that “separatism” was the “only problem” in Kashmir, BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav on Sunday said that his party has formulated a four-point formula to tackle this issue.
Addressing the executive meet of the J&K unit of Bharatiya Janata Party at the SKICC here, Madhav said that for the past many days the party leaders in Delhi have been working on a cure for the “cancer of separatism” in Kashmir.
“We are ready with a 4-point formula by which we can root out separatism from Kashmir. First of all, we have decided to show ‘zero tolerance’ towards terrorism in Kashmir. Earlier, there was the notion that that only those are terrorists who have come from the other side (Pakistan), not the ones who were within the Valley. But now we don’t differentiate and we consider all of them as terrorists,” Madhav said.
The second part of the formula, he said, is to act “very tough” against those who are “misusing” social media in Kashmir. “We will identify them but will not kill them. However, whatever force we can use, we will use that. We have achieved good results so far here,” he said.
The third part, Madhav said, was to target “separatists” living a “luxurious life”. He said they have been receiving “a good amount of funding to spread terror-activities and violence” in Kashmir.
“For that, we have been dealing legally to break the chain of terror-funding. While they (pro-freedom leaders) have been living a luxurious life from the received amount (of alleged funding), a good portion of it is used to spread violence and terror activities in Kashmir,” he said.
The last point that he mentioned was the following of the party’s “core objectives” – of good governance and development. “After all of this, we will initiate a dialogue on Kashmir,” he said.
Madhav said that a Kashmiri saying that “Kashmir is an integral part of India, is the real nationalism and patriotism”.
“And, it is that Kashmiri nationalism and patriotism we should be proud of. Our nationalism is not restricted to boundaries only. This nationalism was shown by Kashmiris in 1947, when they opposed the invaders and wished to accede with the Indian union,” he said.
Appealing to Kashmiris to come out of their regional sentiments, he said that like the people in Jammu, “it is time to integrate everyone and think as an Indian”. He said that “Kashmiris acceded to India” and what followed later was just “politics played by politicians”.
“Forming a coalition government here was not just to run a government, but also to lay the foundation of BJP in Kashmir. The day the PDP extended its hand to form the government with BJP, the motive was much bigger than that. It was the point when winds of change blew in Kashmir,” he said.
Referring to the newly appointed special representative for Kashmir, Dineshwar Sharma, he said that “whoever has any problem, she or he can approach Sharma.
“If anyone wants that their son should be released, or their father should be released, they can approach him,” he said.
Mentioning Article 370, Madhav said that if anyone in the Valley wants to retain Article 370, he should retain it “democratically”.
“We will talk to people and tell them what is good for them,” he said.
Appealing to Kashmiris, especially youth, to shun militancy, he said that India is a democratic country and everybody has the right to protest.
“(People in Kashmir should) hold demonstrations, raise slogans and protest, but should not pick up arms. We are a democracy and it is the right of everyone to protest,” he said.
Earlier, one of the BJP leaders demanded the ‘Bharat Ratna’ for Maqbool Sheerwani, the Kashmiri who is believed to have misguided tribal invaders from Pakistan in 1947.



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