Now no one can skip national anthem during President’s events

Now no one can skip national anthem during President’s events

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Presi­dent Ram Nath Kovind on Fri­day said the Rashtrapati Bhavan has made some changes in the schedules of events attended by him to ensure that guests remain present for the national anthem. According to the changed schedule, the vote of thanks would precede the President’s speech so that the audience would stay on for the national anthem.

“This is a little change that we have adopted on the basis of sugges­tions received from different quarters,” he said at a civic re­ception hosted by the Kerala gov­ernment to honour him.

“Normally, in such pro­grammes, the vote of thanks is given after the speech of the chief guest. But during my three last months, Rashtrapati Bhavan has received so many suggestions. “They said that ‘sir when you fin­ish your speech, people stand up and do not even care for the national an­them and try to leave the place without listening to the vote of thanks,” the President said.

“That way our people are not showing respect to the national anthem. So we decided…. let us have the vote of thanks before the speech of the Presi­dent,” he said. “After I finish the speech, I will go to the seat and everybody will stand to honour the national anthem,” he said.

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